Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy and Happy

So, the week began with a field trip. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, it was. After doing the main protion of our schoolwork and chores, we headed to the local airport to learn from the Air Evac team. They fly the care flite helicopter that transports injured people to hospitals. We got to see the helicopter, talk to the pilot, nurse and paramedic crew. it was really the pilot was so funny!
Then our week progressed fairly normally. We learned and played and laughed and rode bikes. We also got some much needed rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. it was gray and cold and totally soggy, but we have been under water restriction for MONTHS so this was very welcome. In fact, we won't complain if we get an event like this every week or so....just saying.
By Thursday we made a trip into rockwall to get our Azure order, play hunting games at Bass Pro and buy dress fabric for Emily. We also had a fabulous visit with Apple Orthodontics and decided they will get our business.....just as soon as those last 2 teeth descend enough for brackets. We also got Emily's birhtday party supplies.
Friday we had school as usual, but ended the day with boys shopping with grandparents for Jordan's bithday gift while we hosted a houseful of girls for a birhtday sleepover. FYI--it is a waste of money to rent a movie for a houseful of girls. Give them some hair accessories and nail polish and candy and their ipod and they are good to go! We hardly heard from them. But all but two did get to sleep by midnight, and rose at 7:30 for waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. It was a very fun time.
This is Jacob putting away his schoolbooks on Friday.
And the littler ones doing an art project. We learned to combine paint to make tints and shades.
Here is the nail salon portion of the party.
And here is the dancing part.
And ehre are all the lovely ladies after a night of little sleep and lots of fun. They left, and we were glad to have just our family of 7 in the house, so we all celebrated by taking a 2 hour nap.


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