Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow! The last of the summer fun days! They have been crazy busy. We have been swimming and bowling and at the Jump Zone. This week we have been to the spray park and are going to the children's museum. Also did a shopping day! That was productive! First we went to the resale shop where I had credit and got over $40 worth for free. Then made good finds at Ross and Wal-Mart and now I think we have what we need! And all for about $100 for all 5 kids!!!
We also have been working on getting our homeschool co-op started. It is going fabulously and all the kids are so excited. It is probably our favorite homeschool acitivity other than field trips. There are so many new families that we are excited to meet! Life is very busy but also very blessed. We are looking forward to church activities, too. Speaking of activities, I need to work on the house cleaning with the kids a bit before grocery shopping! Blessings to all!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Six Flags

This is EN, EC, JB and KA on the spinning barrels having a blast.
We met up with Hope and her family and everyone but Emily and I rode the Mexican Hat ride. KA was in hysterics with fear, bless her heart!

Kids loved seeing the characters!!

KA was really excited!
JB and JA loved the Batwing ride. they could make the plane go up or down at their command! I thought the sides were way too low and a bit dangerous for my taste!

EN and EC loved it too!

The car at the top left of the picture shows JA and EC riding the Crazy Legs. They loved it!!

The Cloud Bouncer was the last ride of the day and all but KA rode it. KA was worn out by that time! JB could barely walk after spinning on this ride!

Topped off the day by seeing Shaggy!

And Porky and Bugs!

And of course, the Joker! We saw Scooby Doo, Hawk Girl, Wonder Woman (who needed some coverage!), Batman, and Robin (he gave the kids all high fives!) but we didn't get photos with them.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kimberly's birthday

Well, our youngest turns 3 today! So sad, and yet wonderful! She is a blessing in many ways! She had a party at home with family on Saturday and her siblings decorated her cake. Very cute!
She had a hot dog cookout and got to play with cousins. her presents were clothes, a webkinz jr, a musical instrument set and some art materials. She also got cash which she used today to go bowling...one of her fave things to do!

But her totally favorite thing was getting to have a pinata! She loved this one so much that the rainbow side is hanging on her wall!

She was so excited for all the candy! So easy to please!

And she sat smiling while we all sang to her. She seemed a bit embarrassed, to be honest....

The next day she posed with Emily and Jordan in one of her new outfits before going to church.