Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow! The last of the summer fun days! They have been crazy busy. We have been swimming and bowling and at the Jump Zone. This week we have been to the spray park and are going to the children's museum. Also did a shopping day! That was productive! First we went to the resale shop where I had credit and got over $40 worth for free. Then made good finds at Ross and Wal-Mart and now I think we have what we need! And all for about $100 for all 5 kids!!!
We also have been working on getting our homeschool co-op started. It is going fabulously and all the kids are so excited. It is probably our favorite homeschool acitivity other than field trips. There are so many new families that we are excited to meet! Life is very busy but also very blessed. We are looking forward to church activities, too. Speaking of activities, I need to work on the house cleaning with the kids a bit before grocery shopping! Blessings to all!

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