Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 4: Our Spring Schedule

Homeschooling five kids is an ever changing entity.  Each semester somehow looks slightly different. This one is no exception.

So here is what it looks like this spring:
Instead of four kids taking dance at Timbrel School of the Arts, I just have one. She is taking ballet. The youngest dropped ballet for this semester. The oldest girl dropped tap, and the oldest boy dropped theater. Why? Because the oldest two auditioned and are now in Hello Dolly's summer production. That entails six hours of practice each week--minimum. The youngest just wanted a break. The oldest is working about once a week on a construction project in a nearby town, and the second oldest is cleaning a house twice a month for her job. Oldest is still seeking employment but scheduling is difficult. All five kids are invovled in our annual LTC competition ( That means every Sunday is filled with four hours of practice. Everyone will be involved in the homeschool co-op too.
So the week, in a nutshell, goes something like this:
Monday through Thursday we try to accomplish as much schooling as possible before afternoon activities. Math, language arts, reading, bible, science, history, art....And then we have the activities.

Monday--ballet at 5:15
Tuesday-Dolly rehearsal from 1-4, sometimes house cleaning job twice a month on this day
Wednesday: Dolly rehearsal from 1-4, bible classes, once a month youth activity
Thursday: sometimes house cleaning job on this alternate day, high school bible study at 7:30
Friday: co-op until noon, then finish any leftover school
Saturday: whatever
Sunday: worship, practice from 2-6 (only until Easter), worship, devo

All in all, not too bad. With five kids, I expect we will have activity. Kids are enjoying good times with good friends. we have a family we hang out with and watch Blacklist and just visit. Kids regularly invite people over, sometimes they do English Country Dance. We hang out with Austin, Daniel, Kendall and her whole family, Jadon, Sarah, Elizabeth, Holly, Amelia, SarahF, Dylan, Xander, Ashley, Alyssa, Blake, neighbors...among many others. I see the hand of God in many ways guiding our directions.

I have to admit, it is a very fun time. Good bonds are being formed.
Hope your semester is blessed!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3: Self Defense and Auditions

This week I am completing a self defense course with my oldest daughter. I took the course two years ago and highly recommend it for every woman. You need the skills to defend yourself should anything happen. We are learning to fight and it really is fun! Next year my middle daughter will take the class!

I would enjoy it a lot more if I hadn't injured my tendon last year. Apparently ten months of healing gets the swelling away, but re-injury is easy. I found that out last Thursday when we did sweep kicks. OUCH! But three days of ice and compression wraps did the trick! My daughter, on the other hand, is doing great! She missed the second class due to illness, though. We will learn those moves tonight.

After self defense, my oldest daughter and son went to the local dance studio for auditions for Hello Dolly. There will be a teen musical of this famous show in June, and the vocal auditions were Friday, dance and monologues were Saturday. Some kids got a call back. My oldest son was one of those. Call backs lasted five hours. When it was all said and done, by daughter got a role in the ensemble with a singing spotlight, and my son got the lead as Horace.

Now there is much work to do. The self defense should help out in being ready for doing a very active musical! Part of the prep is to do daily jumping jacks and push ups, while singing!! Not really...but since you have to sing and dance at the same time, why not? May as well get in shape!

As for me, my role will be in the costuming and seamstress department. Not very active, but my foot says that is just fine ;)

 This week we are enjoying the sunshine! Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 2: Over 40 Fashion

This week I am going to talk fashion. I have LOVED clothes since I was a preteen. When I was a teen I had multiple spiral notebooks with my own personal fashions drawn and colored on every page. I taught myself how to accurately shade the human face and accurately draw proportions and shoe styles. I even applied to the Fashion Institute at Dallas at age 14.

I have tried to dress well for most of my life and to change with life's seasons. Sometimes I fail miserably. Case in point--this past Sunday. Lately I have decided to update my wardrobe for a stylish 40 something. Some of my items needed to leave the closet. So Sunday comes and I was dressing for church. I chose a calf length black gored skirt, green fitted sweater and multi colored blazer. Then I added black flat boots. When I checked the mirror, I realized I was modest, but VERY FRUMPY and looked like I must be 85. Not happy. No time to change clothes. I felt awful because I knew I wasn't pleased with my outfit, and for me, outfit affects mood. A better pairing would have been a pair of red heels, a more modern jacket, and a silky fitted top.

So...I have been hunting for clothes to fit ME and MY STYLE. And I ran across this great blog in my journey: Walking in Grace and Beauty. It is written by Cyndi Spivey. She is a preacher's wife in Kentucky and she is over 40. She gives great advice and photos on hair, skincare, and clothing. I LOVE her clothing. She posts lots of pictures of her outfits and tells where she shops. SO HELPFUL! Cyndi puts together outfits that are age appropriate, stylish, modern, modest, and fairly affordable...meaning she isn't getting all her stuff at Nordstrom...the lady likes Target, Old Navy, and outlets. Awesome. I pinned a lot of her outfits over on pinterest because her style runs along the same vein as mine.

So, if you are an over 40 and looking to update your style, check her out.

By the way, I made sure my evening Sunday outfit was making me feel awesome: red cable sweater, dark wash denim jeggings, black heeled boots, burberry style scarf, and black tailored coat. Felt fabulous....
Now if you'll excuse m,e I need to change out of my leopard pajamas into something unstylish so I can go clean a house--not mine.

Remember: beauty is not only about taking care of yourself on the outside, it's more about the beauty of your heart and who you are in Christ.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015!!!! WEEK ONE

Once again I have fallen off the blogging wagon.  I'm not terribly surprised. Sometimes I blog frequently and sometimes I have long dry spells.

So here I am after a busy spell. November and December brought work for my oldest two, two major productions, and time home with family, which is worth not blogging. So let me tell you about our homeschool and general life this winter/spring.

Our oldest is still seeking permanent employment while doing random construction work and cleaning. The second oldest is cleaning a home twice a month. Both are about to audition for a summer production of Hello,Dolly. Both are dropping dance classes. Both are participating in LTC with our church. They are in high school, and loved going on winter retreat with the youth group, and they look forward to the upcoming T3 conference, and spring break mission work.

The middle kid is making good progress with schoolwork at her own pace. She and the oldest recently had to have emergency case braces. That was super costly, but will be worth keeping their teeth! She is taking ballet and LTC. She is having a hard time with youth group because so many in her age group do not attend many youth activities. This kind of breaks my heart because she was looking forward to having a great time. She did enjoy youth winter retreat. But as her older siblings pointed out, life is just that way sometimes. Sometimes you don't click with other kids...but you still have to know how to be kind and friendly regardless of circumstances. And find the people worth hanging out with.

The youngest boy is improving with diet and meds, and he has made great gains in what can be accomplished. This fall was so much better than the last two years! He has been inviting friends over, though we have to keep a close eye on them. Mischievous little things....But all in all, it is going well for him. He did some PE classes, but decided against it for spring unless a sister goes with him.

The youngest has decided to take the semester off ballet--shocking, I know! But lots going on with her daddy and the need to bond with siblings before they start graduating may be the driving force of that one. She is so improved with diet and meds and oils. I cannot describe how good that has been for everyone.

The Lord has really been walking the tough roads with us and shown us who we can count on to help, be supportive, and point us in some good paths. Some of them are within our congregation, and several are not, but all have been Christian. I am so very thankful for each and every one of them who offered help and suggestions and friendship and support. Praise to God!

I am still director of our local co-op. Honestly it gives me a sense of drive and accomplishment. I love the energy of it. I love the people and the interactions. I love the work,  albeit unpaid. And one day I will miss it. Spring semester is to be planned soon and it will be great!

As for my husband, he is not working tons of hours six days a week anymore and for that we are thankful! He had most of December off work and that was lovely, so all kids stopped outside activities and we just lived as a family....of course that has all changed now. But it is not a bad change. Just different. Isn't that the way life is? Constantly changing.

As for me, I have transitioned into this stage of life, finally, and made peace with it. As a nearly 45 year old I am ready to make some changes to my wardrobe, so that's pretty fun. I am at that stage where I've lived long enough to be secure in who I am and who I am becoming, and not really care much what everyone else thinks...but sadly I sometimes find myself struggling with younger moms, and less tactful moms, who haven't had the life experiences to get them to the point I am at (I was once just like some of them :(  ). Not that I have arrived...I never will. I'm always a work in progress and secure in my salvation as daily I am trying to live the scriptures. ,I also learned a lesson along the way that you better be careful of your judgment of others based on your personal standards. You never know what life will throw at ya! So unless you've walked in those shoes, in those circumstances, be VERY careful of your assumptions of others! And make each day count. It may be the last chance you get, to love.

So, that is what has gone on in our lives. I had grand plans to blog once a week this year. So this post will be week one. We will see how the rest of the year plays out ;)

Blessings this year to you and yours.