Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 2: Over 40 Fashion

This week I am going to talk fashion. I have LOVED clothes since I was a preteen. When I was a teen I had multiple spiral notebooks with my own personal fashions drawn and colored on every page. I taught myself how to accurately shade the human face and accurately draw proportions and shoe styles. I even applied to the Fashion Institute at Dallas at age 14.

I have tried to dress well for most of my life and to change with life's seasons. Sometimes I fail miserably. Case in point--this past Sunday. Lately I have decided to update my wardrobe for a stylish 40 something. Some of my items needed to leave the closet. So Sunday comes and I was dressing for church. I chose a calf length black gored skirt, green fitted sweater and multi colored blazer. Then I added black flat boots. When I checked the mirror, I realized I was modest, but VERY FRUMPY and looked like I must be 85. Not happy. No time to change clothes. I felt awful because I knew I wasn't pleased with my outfit, and for me, outfit affects mood. A better pairing would have been a pair of red heels, a more modern jacket, and a silky fitted top.

So...I have been hunting for clothes to fit ME and MY STYLE. And I ran across this great blog in my journey: Walking in Grace and Beauty. It is written by Cyndi Spivey. She is a preacher's wife in Kentucky and she is over 40. She gives great advice and photos on hair, skincare, and clothing. I LOVE her clothing. She posts lots of pictures of her outfits and tells where she shops. SO HELPFUL! Cyndi puts together outfits that are age appropriate, stylish, modern, modest, and fairly affordable...meaning she isn't getting all her stuff at Nordstrom...the lady likes Target, Old Navy, and outlets. Awesome. I pinned a lot of her outfits over on pinterest because her style runs along the same vein as mine.

So, if you are an over 40 and looking to update your style, check her out.

By the way, I made sure my evening Sunday outfit was making me feel awesome: red cable sweater, dark wash denim jeggings, black heeled boots, burberry style scarf, and black tailored coat. Felt fabulous....
Now if you'll excuse m,e I need to change out of my leopard pajamas into something unstylish so I can go clean a house--not mine.

Remember: beauty is not only about taking care of yourself on the outside, it's more about the beauty of your heart and who you are in Christ.

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