Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3: Self Defense and Auditions

This week I am completing a self defense course with my oldest daughter. I took the course two years ago and highly recommend it for every woman. You need the skills to defend yourself should anything happen. We are learning to fight and it really is fun! Next year my middle daughter will take the class!

I would enjoy it a lot more if I hadn't injured my tendon last year. Apparently ten months of healing gets the swelling away, but re-injury is easy. I found that out last Thursday when we did sweep kicks. OUCH! But three days of ice and compression wraps did the trick! My daughter, on the other hand, is doing great! She missed the second class due to illness, though. We will learn those moves tonight.

After self defense, my oldest daughter and son went to the local dance studio for auditions for Hello Dolly. There will be a teen musical of this famous show in June, and the vocal auditions were Friday, dance and monologues were Saturday. Some kids got a call back. My oldest son was one of those. Call backs lasted five hours. When it was all said and done, by daughter got a role in the ensemble with a singing spotlight, and my son got the lead as Horace.

Now there is much work to do. The self defense should help out in being ready for doing a very active musical! Part of the prep is to do daily jumping jacks and push ups, while singing!! Not really...but since you have to sing and dance at the same time, why not? May as well get in shape!

As for me, my role will be in the costuming and seamstress department. Not very active, but my foot says that is just fine ;)

 This week we are enjoying the sunshine! Hope you have a great week!

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