Friday, April 30, 2010

You might be a homeschooler if.....

You might be a homeschooler if...
You spend much learning time outdoors and roast food on open fires and search the night sky for the things you saw at the planetarium.
Your kitchen table contains board games, crayons, journals, art kits, and math books, along with leftover meal utensils.

The solar system project becomes part of the kitchen decor.

A homemade fort becomes a learning center for multiage kids.

Your kids gather to build messy projects at your kitchen table--like the aforementioned solar system.....
Your little ones are involved with the older kids all day, and they all love being together.

You take goofy photos with your kids and let them play with your digital camera...yikes!

Disguises are common as your kids act our everything from Terabithia to Narnia to Lord of the Rings to bible stories to a thickly accented hispanic news reporter......hmmm....
Or you could just be a normal family who loves each other and loves learning and is very creatively expressive.

Monday, April 26, 2010


This is my nephew Ben...he and his bro Will got to spend a few hours with us a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast with a baby in the house! Isn't he the cutest??!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tis the season......and we are sewing modest swimwear for the girls and myself. Also going to sew for the boys. Above is Kimberly's and Emily's suits with attached shorts underneath. Lizzie had a one piece so we just made the skirt/shorts combo to cover her bottom. Mine will be pink and a pink print. Boys have blue/brown tiki print for Jacob and blue with sharks for Jordan. All this for the trip to Florida in 4 weeks! Yea!

Wishing I could be sewing for a little arrival....maybe the Lord will send just one more someday soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LTC in Dallas

Every year instead of buying Easter clothes and baskets, we spend Easter weekend at Leadership Training for Christ conference in Dallas. Churches from all over North Texas head to three area hotles (Anatole, DFW Hyatt, Hyatt Regency) to compete against one another in various areas (puppets, drama, chorus, signing for the deaf, art, media, speech, bible bowl/quiz, songleading, etc) based on a book of the bible. this year it was 2 Samuel--hard text for recalling details, i have to say! But we learned a lot and had fellowship and fun at the regency hotel. Above is Jacob's pupper skit about Moses and the Rock (he is the really dark guy to the far right-a complaining Israelite). they got a gold.

This is our hotel room. we brought all our food. it was on the 7th floor (there are 28 floors).

This is the view from our room. I should have taken a night photo--it was really pretty--and i was awake with a headache anyway.

Outside our door, a balcony looked out into the atrium.

This is the view looking to the left of the room. Those glass elevators go up to the 28th floor. Beyond the 18th floor they are basically glass enclosed exterior elevators and I did not like riding them up to the 28th floor (you often had to go up in order to go down due to the amount of elevator traffic).

This is the atrium view to the left of our room.

This is Emily's puppet group. They did a skit about the Wise and foolish Builders. they got a gold.

Below the atrium is 2 levels of rooms and ballrooms. The Marsalis room on the lowest level was the church group hangout area where we had snacks and stuff. This is where most of Saturday was spent when we weren't competing.

This is the kids' live drama group. their skit was about looking for the true Rock.

Here they are performing at the hotel. Emily is the detective in the center and Jacob is the old guy to the right. They got a gold.

Jacob entered this drawing for art depicting David's mighty men. It won a gold.

This is Emily's drawing of the anointing of David at Hebron. She got a silver.
They both competed in Bible Bowl and out of 75 questions in three rounds Jacob earned a silver and Emily earned a bronze. It was not easy.