Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun?? Oh Really????

I think NOT! Brunettes are where it's at! At least that is what I think now that I am a brunette...ha ha ha!
Think I will keep the dark hair--I love it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life in Pictures

This was at our Halloween party. We opted for this instead of the door to door. Kids had hot dog roast, mnarshmallow roast, bobbed for apples and hunted candy. It was a big hit!
Still had plenty of kids (and adults!) ring the doorbell even when all lights were out, though. There needs to be a flyer put out citywide that says: Halloween Etiquette 101--Rule 1. If the lights are out do not approach house! Rule 2.No adults (or almost adults) are to get candy.
Maybe I'll make a yard sign next that's a thought!
This was my MIL's side of the family reunion at Cooper Lake. This shot was just too cute. Two little cousins sharing a coke! Adorable!
Birthdays in October on my side of the dad and grandma and a family friend. Emily baked a cake from scratch and decorated it herself. It was very tasty.
And this is Jordan after earning his Bobcat badge with cub scouts. Good job, buddy! He is such a cutie!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I don't have the photos off my camera yet but hope to get them on the hard drive today. i also have pictures from our annual Morrow family reunion at cooper Lake. I hope those turned out well.

This year Halloween fell on Sunday and that is a major day of the week as we attend worship twice on Sundays. So we didn't want to come home and have to pass out candy and rush around so we decided to have a mini Halloween party at our house for a few families from church. It turned out very well. Emily was our party planner and did all the decorating. She even carved a pumpkin. We cooked hot dogs, had a HUGE candy hunt in the backyard, bobbed for apples, played hide and seek and roasted giant marshmallows over the fire pit. Some kids had costumes and some didn't but best of all we got to know a great family that has two kids. They have been going to church for a while but we haven't gotten to know them. They both work so they have little free time, but they had fun and we look forward to more gatherings with them. We also had fun with old friends. I think we all decided that this was a great way to spend the time together. And we plan to do it again next year!