Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life in Pictures

This was at our Halloween party. We opted for this instead of the door to door. Kids had hot dog roast, mnarshmallow roast, bobbed for apples and hunted candy. It was a big hit!
Still had plenty of kids (and adults!) ring the doorbell even when all lights were out, though. There needs to be a flyer put out citywide that says: Halloween Etiquette 101--Rule 1. If the lights are out do not approach house! Rule 2.No adults (or almost adults) are to get candy.
Maybe I'll make a yard sign next that's a thought!
This was my MIL's side of the family reunion at Cooper Lake. This shot was just too cute. Two little cousins sharing a coke! Adorable!
Birthdays in October on my side of the dad and grandma and a family friend. Emily baked a cake from scratch and decorated it herself. It was very tasty.
And this is Jordan after earning his Bobcat badge with cub scouts. Good job, buddy! He is such a cutie!

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