Sunday, October 24, 2010


As my littlest grows older I find myself having a stronger and stronger desire for another child. I didn't think i would feel it, but it has been keeping me awake at night, in the middle of the night, often near tears, with longing. It is in my thoughts every time I see a baby or a toddler or a preschooler or when one of my kids comes to snuggle, no matter how old they are. It is so strong and will not go away. It is a heartbreaking physical feeling that I can't seem to shake. A very real ache for that soft little life to carry and train ( am I nuts?) just one more time. I found myself unexpectedly googling for cloth diapers, playpens, and a Moby today! And the kids keep asking more and more frequently, too. What is going on!?! They know how much a baby changes lives and the sacrifices that come with a new family member (all worth it of course, as they are the greatest blessing the Lord can give you apart from salvation).
But I just pray and pray about it and know that the Lord has a plan for us. Maybe it includes this desired child and maybe it doesn't. I will have to learn a very hard lesson in contentment if it doesn't come...I just wish I knew why the desire has grown so strong lately.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am not sporty. This family is not really sporty. Ok, so we watch some Cowboy football and some Olympic gymnastics and swimming, but that is about the extent of it. We like to ride bikes and swim and sometimes hike, or throw balls around...and there are lots of larger homeschooling families who are just like us. YMCA sports are such a drain on family life that more than one kid involved would drive me insane so we have stuck to weekly classes. Anyway, our homeschool friend network decided we would like to get together occasionally for the kids to learn some simple sports for exercise and coordination and just fun. The above picture is from our first sports day where we had a big kickball game...that lasted almost 2 whole innings. But the kids had fun and want to try soccer next time, and maybe volleyball. They are all learning and getting there.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Week in Fall

So here it is Monday again. Time is sailing by. Maybe one day I will find the time to sew up that dress I cut out last in 2009!
Anyway, lately I have been experimenting with curly hair. I think I like it. Must invest in some more curlers, though. I have also been trying to manage an October schedule. Lots oging on from scouts to family birthdays to reunions to friday school, to sports days, to lessons to homeschool, to clothing rotations to housework to church work---you get the idea. Lots going on. Not looking forward to halloween. Not a favorite holiday at all, and this year Jacob will be at a youth devo since it will be on a SUnday, and we will only have a very short time to trick or treat after services. And then there is the costume issue. I really am not into paying for costumes that will be worn for about an hour. We will see how cheaply we can get by, but on the other hand, my kids do tend to wear costumes in public, so maybe the investment, though tiny, will be ok.
The new van is fabulous! I really really really like it. Haven't made a payment yet, and that will likely cause the ooh ahh factor to drop a bit. Especially since I learned today that Emily has just 3 teeth left to lose before we begin ortho treatments--and all three teeth are loose! Man, the savings will never get built back up! But life happens doesn't it!
All kids are doing well and are relatively healthy. I think we are going to skip flu shots this year. We get the mist, but I am not a fan of having that H1N1 as part of the vaccine. i really don't trust it or think it is a big enough threat to innoculate, and I don't like being forced to get it in order to get a flu shot. We will take our chances. We will just keep up with our vitamins and try to stay healthy.
Well, i must go now. there is some online shopping to do for a very tall 12 year old who has grown several inches and needs some clearanced long sleeved shirts.