Sunday, December 23, 2012

Time for a Change

Lately I have been pondering the idea of changing the format/content of this blog. It willstill be about family and all that goes on, but as the kids get older, and I get to branch back out into my own interests, it is a bit less about the raising and homeschooling of the kids and more about life in general. Oh, and you'll have to excuse my text. This laptop doesn't always believe in responding tothe spacebar.....attitude, i guess.
So as of late we have all been preparing for the holidays, which start tomorrow! We took the past week off and do not plan to school anymore until after new year. Breaks are good. Breaks are fun. We should take another one!That was my Dr. Seuss impression...get it? So tomorrow we head to Christmas with family---yep, both sides in one day, then home to get ready for Christmas Day. That is fairly relaxed, but involves very little sleep most of the time. Luckily, I began working out (something I always HATED with vengeance) and that has kep me more energetic and sleeping less than I normally do, which is little. SO I should be good! I think the kids will have an interesting assortment of gifts this year. I'll fill you in later. At this time we are still awaiting two items. One form Amazon prime USA and one from amazon UK. They might be late arrivals.
In a few days I will post photos and such. I will also color my hair, make an infinity scarf (If I get really ambitious), possibly enjoy some snow???, and commence writing a drama script about going the extra mile, for a small group competitionwith LTC ( in March.
So life changes, and apparently so do blogs, and their writers...might even begin checking into making this little gem work for me since I'm a domestic engineer!
Couldn't hurt, now could it?

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 2012

Life is busy around here. We are in the last 10 days of our homeschooling for the semester. We are 50% finished with the filming of Sandblade. We are about 20% finished with the holiday shopping--YIKES! And we are 100% excited about attending the midnight premiere of The Hobbit this week!!!!!
I got a bit more tech savvy this week...I think. I joined twitter. Not sure I like it yet, but we shall see. I am NOT going to connect it to my phone though...not yet anyway.
Kids dramatically reduced dance classes since we weren't doing a production this month, so we are absorbed in outreach and get togethers instead. I LIKE! Plus, we are just living a bit more simply. That is always a good thing.
My oldest daughter was baptized a few weeks ago and that was very exciting for all of us! I love that all the siblings get as excited as I do and jump around acting like they just won a million dollars! It's great being us! I love bing so "in touch" with my inner hyper child. I am definitely going to be the oddball crazy lady one of these days when i am old...(you kids had better not put me in a nursing home!)
So that is all I have on this status update...maybe I'll show you some photos I took of myself yesterday while the Quadrixie crew was fimling (nothing like playing around with the camera--after all, i was wearing some makeup--had to occupy my time somehow)....but for now you'll just have to wait on those. It's lunchtime and the kids want food.
Have a very blessed day/week/month!