Friday, March 29, 2013

Update on Life...

 Just sharing some images as of late. This is one of the under $20 dresses I got recently. Navy with a ribbon belt, and some nude pumps that I LOVE.
 These are my 2 youngest girlies, adorable in their floral dresses.
 Here is a sweater dress I got for under $15 worn with my brown boots on a cold day (for Texas). The room has bad lighting.
 School work being done by Jordan.
 And by Elizabeth,
 And Jacob,
 And Kimberly.
I had one of Emily but not sure what happened to it, so here she is playing with our lasagna noodles for supper.
So today is the day we head to the Downtown Dallas Hyatt at Reunion Tower to compete with approximately 1500 kids in LTC. We are almost all loaded and ready to go. Not much sleep will be had for any of us until Sunday night. But we have studied and quizzed and drawn and practiced until we think we are ready. Let's see how much we know about the book of Matthew! Ready, set, go!
We'll post more next week and let you know what happened!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ordering Has Begun

So... the income tax money came in and that means it is time to start investing in the school supplies for the upcoming year...most of them anyway. So far I have ordered language arts, spelling, 2nd grade math, handwriting, and IEW from Rainbow Resource. My Sonlight cart is loaded with core 200 manual, the books I plan to use that we don't already own, and 2 science schedules and supply kits with accompanying books we don't have access to for elementary. Other than that we will just need Teaching Textbooks Geometry or Algebra 2, but not ordering that until we get close to the end of Algebra 1, and possibly a BJU science for 8th grade for Emily, unless she decides she wants to do Physical Science. Going back to my own bible plan next year. I like what I come up with better than packaged bible stuff. Other than some basic supplies we should be set, and won't need another laptop until 2014, autumn.
So that should knock out a chunk of cash, but it is all ready to use and that means I don't have to spend the time putting it all together, though I will modify it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bodily Exercise...

If you know your bible, and I hope you do (if not, you got time. start reading and get back to me) you can fill in the blank..."bodily exercise________________" Yep. Profits little. Because we are to be exercised in godliness which has MUCH profit. Ultimate profit.
How do I know? Well, I have never been an athletic person, trust me on that, but I have generally been an active one. I was the most active after having children. Mine are terribly active and keep me on the move. But still, I wanted to look good and feel good for me and my husband so last autumn, around October I decided to start working out on my terms. I use pinterest workout plans and jog and whatever else fits in my day. I have some hand weights and leg weights and use any ordinary opportunity to get fit. Now what results have I seen these past 6 months? I'll share. I feel better, sleep better, have more confidence, have more muscle and tone and stamina and drive. But what do I not have? Less ab fat left from 5 pregnancies, a smaller dress size, a lower weight. Well, actually i can't say that. I have never owned a scale so I truly don't know. I suspect it might have increased due to adding muscle though. But it is ok. God makes us in all shapes and sizes and I am at my size and shape and am happy with it. I am going to keep it up ( the working out) because I like it and it is fun for me to challenge myself.
But it didn't help me one bit in my spiritual walk. That i can only get from reading the bible in context and applying it tomy life. I have done this for many years and I never get tired of it. The more I read the more I change me. I like that. I like that Jesus died for me and all my sins, and that even though I feel like I am yearly in a different place with Him, he still loves me and covers that sin as long as I am faithful to keep learning and walking. I fail a lot, but I am His kid, and kids do that. They mess up a lot as they learn the path. Most still mess up significantly even as they become adults. That is what it is to be a child of God. You just don't give up.
You'll never get any benefit of  bodily exercise if you don't do it. And likewise, you'll never get any spiritual benefit by just listening to man, and not studying the bible. It is all in there. It is all you need. Truly. The bible says so. And you can believe it. And you need the spiritual stuff way more than the bodily stuff. But I advocate you do both kinds of exercise.
Just do it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Traditionally I do not take a spring break, but now that I have 2 in youth group, and the youth typically do mission work on spring break, we are partaking.
This year the youth minister's wife is just days from delivering her 2nd baby so they are staying local. I decided to do minimal schooling, let them work mission work for 2 days, go on a field trip one day, take one day off, and then there will only be Friday left. Friday is jam packed with co-op from 8:45-12:15, then radio drama practice until 4, supper break, then ECD from 6-9.
So in preparation we are spending today planning it out and switching out some long sleeves for short sleeves and shorts. Tis the season in Texas. We are at the point on several warm days, a couple of cooler/cooler days and the cycle goes on. By mid April or early May we will be warm all the time, bordering on hot, so may as well get the task started. We can pack up the rest of the long sleeved stuff at the end of April. And then we won't have to deal with long sleeves again until at least November or December.
We are all looking forward to this spring break. It is good to take a break here and there. Hope your family has a great time, too, whether you take spring break or not.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homeschooling Creativity

Following interests is a big perk of homeschooling. Kids have plenty of time to stay up late, watch programs, be involved, get work done and follow their own interests. So what are your kids personal interests???

I was always excited to see what paths our kids would choose. Not based on what I like or what my husband likes or event their friends, but what each individual kid likes. Ours have been varied and surprising!

Jacob loved Magic School Bus as a little kid, and anything about the Titanic or classical music. Now as a teen he loves composing his own movie scores, listening to movie scores, planning/storyboarding/shooting/directing/editing film, and drawing. And he follows that interest often. He is really talented and has been self taught.

Emily loves craftiness and writing. She almost always makes gifts for others. She has crocheted many hats and blankets (self taught--I can't crochet), has made art kits, paintings, miniatures, and other cute stuff for friends. She has a natural talent. She has written several detailed fantasy stories on blogs and on paper. I think one day she will get published. She also LOVES working with children and takes every opportunity to serve in that way. And she loves cooking so she finds ways to serve and work in that way too.

Elizabeth loves media. She is really a computer learner. She also LOVES working with children and takes every opportunity to do so. Animal care is another love of hers. I can see her apprenticing at a vet someday. Let's just hope she doesn't bring them all home! She has also become very good at dance and loves being in shows. And her favorite class outside of home is one on missions. She looks forward to learning about the kids in other countries and working to earn money to send them bibles.

Jordan is all about camo, guns, and knives. I think he is really soaking up all the stuff about John Locke on LOST. And the Robertson's on Duck Dynasty. He could live in Cabela's or Bass Pro. His gun and knife collections are impressive for a 9 year old, and he wants to know how to use them properly and safely. I can see him being a game warden, hunter, policeman, army ranger or something like that. He would have made  a great mountain man.

Kimberly loves singing, dancing, and hair. She never misses an opportunity to fix her hair or someone else's. She loves all things cosmetology. She dances with the ipod and makes up her own dances all the time. And she tries to teach dances to all of us. She is almost always singing, too. Yesterday she was even making up workouts with me. Maybe she will teach dance, or run a salon? Who knows.

It is amazing to see the work that is being created in each unique kid. It is not me, it is Him. He is directing them, through prayers of others. It is good to see.
Hope your day and family are being blessed today!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Picture Day

 oldest girl
 oldest boy
 littlest girl
 dissection class
me...ready for fight simulations...i was very nervous, being non confrontational, but I scored the hardest hit of the night on the biggest/tallest instructor and was told I may be non confrontational, but I am definitely a fighter. Good for the confidence level.


Odd post title, I admit, but I was lying awake in bed (shocking, I know) and thinking of numbers of things to come. Thought it might make an interesting post so here goes. Pardon the randomness that is my life!

3--Sherlock season 3 is beginning production in the UK (love that show!!)
5---i have five fab kids!
1---the first day of each week we get to worship and practice LTC
62--days until we are at the beach house! Heaven!
18---days until the official start of spring--boo for bugs and tornadoes, though
60---days until Iron Man 3 comes out
74---days until Star Trek Into Darkness comes out
25---days until LTC competition
12---hours I spent in self defense class
5---new dresses i have purchased this spring, thus far
4---days until the start of "spring break"
3---the season of LOST we are currently watching
7---seasons of Psych ...'nuff said!
1---season 1 of Merlin we are currently watching, again
87--days until June, when summer really begins!!!!!!
1---supportive, handsome husband, til death do we part :)

Ok, so i don't really have that many numbers and I had to struggle to come up with those last few....I know many involve media, but we are fans here of the above mentioned media, and then some.

So other than the numbers, I finally had a couple of hours free to do my taxes this past weekend, and afterward we spent an afternoon at the grandparents house. Even though we live less than 30 miles away, our lives are all so busy that we rarely get to see them, and both sets live in the same town. That goes for aunts, uncles, and cousins too.
We did our first of the month shopping, found some beach swimwear, and just by chance got about 150# of beef since my dad's freezer went out.
I sewed another diaper bag.
I survived fight simulation night at RAD class...but found out I can be quite to get a handgun and concealed  carry license.
My son did his first dissection.
My drama group delivered lines off script! Hallelujah! Needs some work though.
School order for spring is in the order baskets, almost ready to go. Think I will wait to order though. i have no desire to store it and go thru it yet.
Planning for summer clothes has begun.
And that is just about the sum of life here in suburbia!
have a very wonderful week! We'll chat soon.....