Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ordering Has Begun

So... the income tax money came in and that means it is time to start investing in the school supplies for the upcoming year...most of them anyway. So far I have ordered language arts, spelling, 2nd grade math, handwriting, and IEW from Rainbow Resource. My Sonlight cart is loaded with core 200 manual, the books I plan to use that we don't already own, and 2 science schedules and supply kits with accompanying books we don't have access to for elementary. Other than that we will just need Teaching Textbooks Geometry or Algebra 2, but not ordering that until we get close to the end of Algebra 1, and possibly a BJU science for 8th grade for Emily, unless she decides she wants to do Physical Science. Going back to my own bible plan next year. I like what I come up with better than packaged bible stuff. Other than some basic supplies we should be set, and won't need another laptop until 2014, autumn.
So that should knock out a chunk of cash, but it is all ready to use and that means I don't have to spend the time putting it all together, though I will modify it.

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