Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bodily Exercise...

If you know your bible, and I hope you do (if not, you got time. start reading and get back to me) you can fill in the blank..."bodily exercise________________" Yep. Profits little. Because we are to be exercised in godliness which has MUCH profit. Ultimate profit.
How do I know? Well, I have never been an athletic person, trust me on that, but I have generally been an active one. I was the most active after having children. Mine are terribly active and keep me on the move. But still, I wanted to look good and feel good for me and my husband so last autumn, around October I decided to start working out on my terms. I use pinterest workout plans and jog and whatever else fits in my day. I have some hand weights and leg weights and use any ordinary opportunity to get fit. Now what results have I seen these past 6 months? I'll share. I feel better, sleep better, have more confidence, have more muscle and tone and stamina and drive. But what do I not have? Less ab fat left from 5 pregnancies, a smaller dress size, a lower weight. Well, actually i can't say that. I have never owned a scale so I truly don't know. I suspect it might have increased due to adding muscle though. But it is ok. God makes us in all shapes and sizes and I am at my size and shape and am happy with it. I am going to keep it up ( the working out) because I like it and it is fun for me to challenge myself.
But it didn't help me one bit in my spiritual walk. That i can only get from reading the bible in context and applying it tomy life. I have done this for many years and I never get tired of it. The more I read the more I change me. I like that. I like that Jesus died for me and all my sins, and that even though I feel like I am yearly in a different place with Him, he still loves me and covers that sin as long as I am faithful to keep learning and walking. I fail a lot, but I am His kid, and kids do that. They mess up a lot as they learn the path. Most still mess up significantly even as they become adults. That is what it is to be a child of God. You just don't give up.
You'll never get any benefit of  bodily exercise if you don't do it. And likewise, you'll never get any spiritual benefit by just listening to man, and not studying the bible. It is all in there. It is all you need. Truly. The bible says so. And you can believe it. And you need the spiritual stuff way more than the bodily stuff. But I advocate you do both kinds of exercise.
Just do it.

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