Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homeschooling Creativity

Following interests is a big perk of homeschooling. Kids have plenty of time to stay up late, watch programs, be involved, get work done and follow their own interests. So what are your kids personal interests???

I was always excited to see what paths our kids would choose. Not based on what I like or what my husband likes or event their friends, but what each individual kid likes. Ours have been varied and surprising!

Jacob loved Magic School Bus as a little kid, and anything about the Titanic or classical music. Now as a teen he loves composing his own movie scores, listening to movie scores, planning/storyboarding/shooting/directing/editing film, and drawing. And he follows that interest often. He is really talented and has been self taught.

Emily loves craftiness and writing. She almost always makes gifts for others. She has crocheted many hats and blankets (self taught--I can't crochet), has made art kits, paintings, miniatures, and other cute stuff for friends. She has a natural talent. She has written several detailed fantasy stories on blogs and on paper. I think one day she will get published. She also LOVES working with children and takes every opportunity to serve in that way. And she loves cooking so she finds ways to serve and work in that way too.

Elizabeth loves media. She is really a computer learner. She also LOVES working with children and takes every opportunity to do so. Animal care is another love of hers. I can see her apprenticing at a vet someday. Let's just hope she doesn't bring them all home! She has also become very good at dance and loves being in shows. And her favorite class outside of home is one on missions. She looks forward to learning about the kids in other countries and working to earn money to send them bibles.

Jordan is all about camo, guns, and knives. I think he is really soaking up all the stuff about John Locke on LOST. And the Robertson's on Duck Dynasty. He could live in Cabela's or Bass Pro. His gun and knife collections are impressive for a 9 year old, and he wants to know how to use them properly and safely. I can see him being a game warden, hunter, policeman, army ranger or something like that. He would have made  a great mountain man.

Kimberly loves singing, dancing, and hair. She never misses an opportunity to fix her hair or someone else's. She loves all things cosmetology. She dances with the ipod and makes up her own dances all the time. And she tries to teach dances to all of us. She is almost always singing, too. Yesterday she was even making up workouts with me. Maybe she will teach dance, or run a salon? Who knows.

It is amazing to see the work that is being created in each unique kid. It is not me, it is Him. He is directing them, through prayers of others. It is good to see.
Hope your day and family are being blessed today!

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