Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life with kids is interesting....

Just had to do a mid-week post!
So I was vacuuming under the couch cushions and came upon enough food to serve a meal, along with some hair accessories, a washrag, some crayons, grape stems, and some pencils. And I tell the kids how they are not to be eating in the living room...again. All the while they are randomly popping something into their mouths (the youngest two BTW). I stop and say, "what are you guys eating?" They say, "we have frozen blueberries in all our pockets!" Well, that should make laundry interesting.......
In other news, the kids played outside after dark last night while others watched Cowboy football. This morning we did our devo outside and I noticed the play stuff arrangement...The little tikes triangular jungle gym was on its side with a broom and a long tree branch stuck through the holes. I had to ask about the playtime...here's what I was told....Mom, we were pretending that earth was destroyed by fire and we had to escape in our escape pod (the playset) and we landed on Mars, and we needed to clean and get firewood to cook with.
Who knew?!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Bike riding for PE. Becoming a daily fun time!
Kim's poodle skirt for Halloween-I made it Sunday morning.
A friend gave us a karate set for Jordan. Halloween and activities in one!
Fabric for the older girls prairie dresses and bonnets for Halloween...the one on the far right.
Crayon rolls for each of the 4 youngest. Good for church, and so easy--no pattern needed.
Chrysanthemums planted out front for fall color.

This has been a week of mixed emotions. Clay left to go halfway across the country for business on Monday and is returning as I type. That in itself makes life interesting, but not nearly so much as in the past when the kids were smaller. It's no biggie now. But still, the house is not the same when dad is gone.
Then there was the sickness that began last weekend with Kim and spread to me and finally to Liz. It is basically a stomach bug that sometimes comes with fever, sometimes not, but makes you nauseous when you eat. That was not fun, but at least I was eating by yesterday and able to better care for Liz who had a very bad Thursday. The rest of the week we will call a natural diet--the closest I ever get to actual dieting. But the nausea gave me some small reason to believe i might be expecting. I look for any reason each month, and mostly there are no signs, but I was truly hopeful, though my dear husband would have been shocked. But alsas, today I learned it was only a bug, and the deep disappointment set in. No matter that he wants no more and that I am content with the blessings I have been given, every glimmer of hope that another might come is a big letdown when it is found to be false. Maybe it is because I always wanted a large family. I am not a "full quiver" person by any means, but I do hold the Christian belief of children as a blessing and I do desire them.
Then there was co-op. Always fun, but it was plagued with illness this week. We had lots of rearranging to do but everyone was gracious and helpful and it went well. I am teaching a preschool class and that is definitely not helping the "baby fever" i seem to have. So there are more mixed emotions.
Also my FIL was diagnosed with cancer this week. (A baby would have been a bright spot in the ugliness. Oh well.) We are praying for him and I have high hopes and expectations of a full recovery for him, though walking the path will not be fun, easy, or happy, especially for my husband who is close to his dad. He is a wonderful papaw to all the grandchildren and he is a wonderful Christian. God knows what he needs and requests are being made on his behalf.
And my sister in law lost her father (grandfather). I didn't know him, but it is hard for her, though the family is glad he is not suffering anymore. He was 95 and not in good health.
So that is the mixed week we have had. School went well, and we all seemed very God focused, and all of us seemed reaqlly close. The kids played well all week and had fun together and the weather changed for cooler and there was a bit of rain. Now if we only had MUCH MUCH more rain.
But all in all it was a good week, and there will always be mixed emotions. Blessings are here in this house every day. It is easy to see them. God is good.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September is Halfway Over?

Fiddler on the Roof performers singing "Tradition" at Rally Round Greenville on Saturday.
Friday night camping in the living room.
K at the dentist...checking out the fish. Her only photo because we had to record her getting a cleaning--for evidence. It was her first cleaning.
Jc awaiting his cleaning.
Em getting all polished.
Jd about to get cleaned up.
And L getting a cleaning.
And lastly, a photo of morning devo in my room---actually this was taken pre-devo, during our morning announcements.

Another week of learning has come and gone. Only three days of class took place this week. We did a lot of learning Monday through Wednesday, and then Thursday came. It began with a trip to the dentist for the kids, followed by lunch at Cotton Patch Cafe (do not order the buffalo chicken strips--GROSS!), followed by a trip to JCpenney to get a pair of shoes (yes, i gave in), and then to JoAnn Fabric's grand opening for Nutcracker and Halloween fabric and a gift for my niece's birthday. Then a quick stop for a scoop of ice cream before heading home.
Friday came and brought our first day of co-op, which was crazy, but fun. We have a few kinks to work out next Friday, but it went well. I think everyone had a good time.
Saturday, just as i was about to walk the dogs (in my gown and track pants, with coffee in hand), my MIL calls to see if they can stop by. It was 8:45am, mind you, and not everyone was up, and of course there was the living room campout still in full swing. But I said, "Sure come on over...no time like the present!" So we began with a visit, then went to practice Fiddler songs, then went to perform Fiddler songs, then headed to cousins for birthday cookout with horseback rides, and got home around 8:45pm. So today is Sunday and the littlest one started the day with a high fever and the oldest girl has a stomach ache...here's praying both are short lived. But at least I got a poodle skirt sewed for her (Kim). And I looked over the prairie dress pattern and washed the fabric, so those will be the next project. My grey gauchos from the $1.50/yd suiting fabric I found will have to wait.
As the weather changes I am reminded that my oldest two get no handed down clothes and we will have to shop soon. But my oldest girl can wear some of my things, so that helps.
Here's wishing you a great week full of blessings!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It has happened. Fall items are in all the junk mail and I have found some scarves, cardigans, sweaters and a fabulous pair of shoes that I am lusting after. Must resist the urge to watch for sales...because I might buy something, eventually. But those shoes are so awesome...and the scarves, so pretty!
Resist...RESIST I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! RESIST!!!!AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fall, why must you bring such beautiful things into my view????? Don't you know I have a weakness for you since you are my favorite??? You bring the best weather, the best clothing, the best recipes, the best holidays.......must...have...self-control......

But alas, no cash means no stash.
There is cash, it is just allotted for other life things. oh, well.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Picture This! It's Catch-up Day...

Games are a big hit this year. Star Wars Stratego has always been a family favorite.
Pictureka has also been a very fun game of I-spy. All the kids enjoy playing. I think this was played at 11:30pm on a Friday night.
And lest you think I am showing you our new dog...I am not. Well, sort of not. This is also a photo of our new carpet and vinyl in the master area. So soft! And it sure beats the carpeted bathroom and mauve sculptured mess we had. Lowe's did a great job!
And here is a great use for teenagers! Mowing! But really that is just one of his many talents. Such a great kid--and a great chore to use in bribery...
While the mowing happened, there were wagon rides going on...looks like fun! But they don't steer very well. You learn a lot from experience.
This is a combo of math, lunch, snacking. Works well except for the greasy peanut butter and sticky syrup. Oh well. They are happy and fed.
A day at the park with friends. Em wearing the hat she crocheted.
Jord and Liz spinning, and spinning, and ...oi! Making me ill!
Kim swinging and trying to get trinity to swing with her. K could swing all day long....
The boys brought a box of toy guns to play with. This is Jacob and Isaiah on the hill.
Jacob took this shot of me and Liz. I think I was talking on the cell phone...I get all dressed up to go to the park..LOL!
Family photo for church, taken in August. Nice!
Just the kids...Very Nice!
Another nice thing---brownie bites with powdered sugar and strawberries...made by Emily! And quite delicious!
Another late night fun thing---playdough creating. Emily made a wedding cake and Jordan made the taj mahal....seriously, he did.
And this is the lazy hound dogs ready for the night, in the laundry room. Yes we use a baby gate to keep them in.
So that is what has been happening lately, in pictures.
Busy week ahead...will post this weekend with more photos, i hope!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Night

Can i just say that I am LOVING this year????? It has been going so nicely. I am less concerned about how far we get and if all the subjects are done (though we do get much done), and more concerned that character is being formed and that relationships are being nurtured and that we are enjoying ourselves and trying to bring glory to God in all we do. after all, isn't that what is really important? I think, yes.
So tomorrow is Friday and I hope to have some photos uploaded to post, since it has been awhile. And I will tell you all about the upcoming cool stuff we are doing (planning to do, Lord willing).
If you read this, keep our family in your prayers that God will bring to us daily the life He desires us to lead. And that we will be willingly in submission to all He brings.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Review, shall we?

Week three went well, though it was a little different. Flexibility is the name of the homeschool game. And so we had school as usual on Monday. Tuesday MIL had a fall and ended up in the hospital while we did school, took phone calls, took kids to karate and dance and had supper. Clay went to the hospital and got home late...but he brought candy!! Good man! Sour filled twizzlers, no less! YUM! So Wednesday was half school, half Sam's club monthly shopping with my parents, and the evening was furniture moving from the master bed and closet area. Thursday we had no formal schooling, but had a carpet and vinyl install for our master area. Looks fabulous! We played and swam and moved furniture back and then crashed into bed. So today is Friday and feels like the third Saturday in a row! We are going to visit grandma and take some food. Then off to dance class and to enjoy the cooler temps this Labor Day weekend. ot sure what we will do...probably just hang out as a family, and that works for me.
I am trying a new crockpot yogurt variation today. Greek starter, dry milk, sugar and vanilla. Maybe it will be more thick and less sour. We shall see. I really am not a yogurt fan (it's just gross) but if the kids will eat it, I will be happy.

I have a few friends who are expecting babies this school year and they have been on my mind. Part of me is a tiny bit envious. I love babies and toddlers and preschoolers...etc. But I think God has not allowed us another pregnancy for good reason. Some of us (like me) have need of mental breaks in the process and need to work out life. Plus, when the husband is not ready for more, that is enough. I have learned to be content with whatever comes, and that is a good place to be. But I am so glad my friends are still being blessed with children. They all are good mothers and seem to handle life more calmly than me, at least it appears that way from what little I see. However, just for the record, i am feeling lately like I am in a very good place in my life should He decide to bless us with another little blessing. Totally willing to do my part...just saying.
So that is our life! See ya next week.
be blessed.