Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Review, shall we?

Week three went well, though it was a little different. Flexibility is the name of the homeschool game. And so we had school as usual on Monday. Tuesday MIL had a fall and ended up in the hospital while we did school, took phone calls, took kids to karate and dance and had supper. Clay went to the hospital and got home late...but he brought candy!! Good man! Sour filled twizzlers, no less! YUM! So Wednesday was half school, half Sam's club monthly shopping with my parents, and the evening was furniture moving from the master bed and closet area. Thursday we had no formal schooling, but had a carpet and vinyl install for our master area. Looks fabulous! We played and swam and moved furniture back and then crashed into bed. So today is Friday and feels like the third Saturday in a row! We are going to visit grandma and take some food. Then off to dance class and to enjoy the cooler temps this Labor Day weekend. ot sure what we will do...probably just hang out as a family, and that works for me.
I am trying a new crockpot yogurt variation today. Greek starter, dry milk, sugar and vanilla. Maybe it will be more thick and less sour. We shall see. I really am not a yogurt fan (it's just gross) but if the kids will eat it, I will be happy.

I have a few friends who are expecting babies this school year and they have been on my mind. Part of me is a tiny bit envious. I love babies and toddlers and preschoolers...etc. But I think God has not allowed us another pregnancy for good reason. Some of us (like me) have need of mental breaks in the process and need to work out life. Plus, when the husband is not ready for more, that is enough. I have learned to be content with whatever comes, and that is a good place to be. But I am so glad my friends are still being blessed with children. They all are good mothers and seem to handle life more calmly than me, at least it appears that way from what little I see. However, just for the record, i am feeling lately like I am in a very good place in my life should He decide to bless us with another little blessing. Totally willing to do my part...just saying.
So that is our life! See ya next week.
be blessed.

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