Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life with kids is interesting....

Just had to do a mid-week post!
So I was vacuuming under the couch cushions and came upon enough food to serve a meal, along with some hair accessories, a washrag, some crayons, grape stems, and some pencils. And I tell the kids how they are not to be eating in the living room...again. All the while they are randomly popping something into their mouths (the youngest two BTW). I stop and say, "what are you guys eating?" They say, "we have frozen blueberries in all our pockets!" Well, that should make laundry interesting.......
In other news, the kids played outside after dark last night while others watched Cowboy football. This morning we did our devo outside and I noticed the play stuff arrangement...The little tikes triangular jungle gym was on its side with a broom and a long tree branch stuck through the holes. I had to ask about the playtime...here's what I was told....Mom, we were pretending that earth was destroyed by fire and we had to escape in our escape pod (the playset) and we landed on Mars, and we needed to clean and get firewood to cook with.
Who knew?!

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