Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things to Remember When homeschooling

Some wisdom i gleaned from the latest THSC Review. I knew this, but need frequent reminders!

At what age are kids supposed to know_____? Does it really matter when? Why do you keep comparing your individuial kid to the masses? Isn't that waht we are doing when we strive to keep on "grade level"? Who decides what children should know at a certain age and who gives them the right to decide and say it is for everyone? Teach them with love and relaxation at their pace, and don't destroy the journey just to finish the course.Back off now and then. Give them time to follow their interests and have fun. Go with their learning what if it isn't what everybody else that is ___age is doing? They will be fine and happy and intelligent.

There are different reasons and seasons for choosing curriculum. each kid is different and learns different things. what worked for one may or may not work for the others. they are individuals...special, God breathed individuals.

Just because a child is five doesn't mean they need a curriculum. Read to them, cuddle with them, play with them, discover the world with them, LIVE with them...they will learn so much! And it will mean so much more. Build relationships that will last a lifetime. Homeschooling is not all about academics. Don't let the school overshadow the home. Academics are secondary to character. Give them the tools to teach themselves and they will be able to learn anything.

Remember to let God guide your homeschool. It is called homeschooling because is revolves around YOUR home, YOUR beliefs, YOUR family--not the world or their expectations. It is OK to do your own thing--that is what homeschooling is all about!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Only a Few Weeks Left

Summer is quickly ending. It is more than 1/2 over as i type (and I use the word type very loosely). But it has been a very fun, wild ride. So far we have had 3 birthdays with one more to go, one week of church camp, one week of VBS, 3 weeks containing 4 dance camps, friends' parties, 3 skating trips, 6 bowling trips, weekly swimming, and almost a month of nightly Fiddler on the Roof rehearsals. And that is why i didn't originally plan to do the production....but my kids love it and they all want to try out should this happen again next year. They don't mind the late nights and they love the kids who are in the play. The youngest two love it too, but 5-6 hours every evening wears them down quickly, so most nights I drop off and pick up, only actually staying for about 45 minutes total. Honestly, this is a great extracurricular for them, and it is in summer, so I shouldn't complain. The show is going to knock people's socks off. Yes, it is that GOOD.

School is going to be starting for us on the 15th of August, and so is dance class. This is what the kids will have this year:

Ja (age 13-8th grade)-LLATL, Saxon prealgebra, Wordsmith, bible, Sonlight bible and reading and history selections, Apologia Physical Science, theater dance and irish dance.

Em (age 11-6th grade)-LLATL, writing strands, spelling power, teaching textbooks math, Story of the World history, bible, reading list, various science and geography topics, ballet, jazz dance

El (age 9-3rd/4th grade)- LLATL, natual speller, Saxon and teaching textbooks math, Story of the World history, bible, reading list, various science and geography topics, theater dance, hip hop dance

Jo (age 7-2nd grade)-LLATL, Saxon math, spelling power, Story of the World history, bible, reading list, various science and geography topics, scouts

K (age 5-K/1st)- LLATL, Saxon math, Story of the World history-sometimes, bible, various science and geography topics-now and then, ballet

The three oldest will also have LTC over Genesis at Easter, and 4 of them will have Nutcracker ballet and Spring recital. There will be multiple youth group devos and activities, MNFTM outreach, and homeschool co-op classes and playgroups, with some boys nite/girls nite sprinkled in.

We have sewed quite a bit and will far we've made 5 skirts, a vest, 5 dresses, a pillowcase, a wallet, some pillows. We still have a Ranger game, a Lock-In, 2 birthday parties, 2 weeks of rehearsals and performances, and a Six Flags trip before summer ends. Things are almost organized and I think we have it all ordered.

So did that tire you as much as it did me??? Sounds like a lot going on, and it is. But what do you expect with five active growing kids? Life gets crazy, but it keeps on rolling. Just remember to take time to play and take pictures and spend time with those you love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching Up On Life

July 4th watching fireworks with the awesome Davis family from church.
Day before the 4th hanging with the Davis', Kerr's, Fry's, Chambers' and Goodmans at the Goodman's casa--good food, and swimming with fireworks (dangerous kids, too).
And just had to post my DD who is getting so grown up.
Life moves at lightning speed. Fiddler is in full swing and we have less than 3 weeks until the shows! Yikes! Also have about a month until we go full speed on homeschool, and dance lessons start up. And sadly, my baby turns five in just two hoo. Where did the time go???? Parents...take can never take enough video or pictures or spend too much time with your kids talking and hanging out. Enjoy every second of every day you have them. they are such gifts! So anyway, soon I plan to post my plans for the school year...kinda keeps me accountable and lets me see my mistakes in action! LOL!
Hope you are all having a blessed week and staying cool (because here it has been over 100 every stinking sweaty day for weeks now, with zero rain and lots of humidity). And i say that with the nicest intent

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Not much to say today, except I am tired. We get up at a semi-reasonable time (before 8:30) and go to bed late thanks to FOTR practice...and the days are filled with swimming, biking, sewing, cleaning, painting, bowling, skating, shopping, schoolwork, visits, church activity, and life in general. Maybe it is that I am getting older, or my thyroid is lower than i want to think...but I am tired. Tired is not the right word, really. It is sleepy. I feel I could just sleep every afternoon...but I can't. Not wired that way. Even when i am truly exhausted, i have a VERY hard time napping in afternoons, or in vehicles, or anywhere, if it is light and noisy.
But, I suppose that is what life is like these days. And it is all a blessing to be savored, so off I go to snack on some more pasta, get the kids cleaning, bake some cookies, and teach those little buggers!
Hope you have a great week and get plenty of rest.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Drama Mama

I suppose I am now a drama mama. We are entrenched in Fiddler on the Roof! The thing I didn't want to do has become a great summer project. This is going to be a great show with so many fabulous kids and young adults. I really hope the show gets a lot of support from the community and from attendance. Same cast, with some great new additions, as our Annie production 2 years ago, same producers/music leader, etc. From watching rehearsals this is going to blow people away!
Guess I need to watch the dvd soon so i can "get" the whole story!
Couldn't find the exact photos I wanted, so I just snagged a few random ones.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I thought July was going to be more relaxed. I could have been wrong. Looks like we will be swimming, bowling, schooling, and doing one dance camp...but we might also have one join the Fiddler on the Roof cast. Dad hasn't decided if he can perform or not since it has some celebratory fake drinking at or after the marriage scene (i think). Mainly as a celebration of life, but it can't be cut out, so we have to make that decision. Chorus and villager would be the role, but still. That would mean adding quite a bit of rehearsal times, in addition to a Ranger game and a Lock-In and all the NETSYS dates. Oh, well, life goes on and kids have activities to manage. And if it isn't so relaxed this month, it will be fine. Gonna enjoy what life brings for us!