Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching Up On Life

July 4th watching fireworks with the awesome Davis family from church.
Day before the 4th hanging with the Davis', Kerr's, Fry's, Chambers' and Goodmans at the Goodman's casa--good food, and swimming with fireworks (dangerous kids, too).
And just had to post my DD who is getting so grown up.
Life moves at lightning speed. Fiddler is in full swing and we have less than 3 weeks until the shows! Yikes! Also have about a month until we go full speed on homeschool, and dance lessons start up. And sadly, my baby turns five in just two hoo. Where did the time go???? Parents...take can never take enough video or pictures or spend too much time with your kids talking and hanging out. Enjoy every second of every day you have them. they are such gifts! So anyway, soon I plan to post my plans for the school year...kinda keeps me accountable and lets me see my mistakes in action! LOL!
Hope you are all having a blessed week and staying cool (because here it has been over 100 every stinking sweaty day for weeks now, with zero rain and lots of humidity). And i say that with the nicest intent

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