Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things to Remember When homeschooling

Some wisdom i gleaned from the latest THSC Review. I knew this, but need frequent reminders!

At what age are kids supposed to know_____? Does it really matter when? Why do you keep comparing your individuial kid to the masses? Isn't that waht we are doing when we strive to keep on "grade level"? Who decides what children should know at a certain age and who gives them the right to decide and say it is for everyone? Teach them with love and relaxation at their pace, and don't destroy the journey just to finish the course.Back off now and then. Give them time to follow their interests and have fun. Go with their learning what if it isn't what everybody else that is ___age is doing? They will be fine and happy and intelligent.

There are different reasons and seasons for choosing curriculum. each kid is different and learns different things. what worked for one may or may not work for the others. they are individuals...special, God breathed individuals.

Just because a child is five doesn't mean they need a curriculum. Read to them, cuddle with them, play with them, discover the world with them, LIVE with them...they will learn so much! And it will mean so much more. Build relationships that will last a lifetime. Homeschooling is not all about academics. Don't let the school overshadow the home. Academics are secondary to character. Give them the tools to teach themselves and they will be able to learn anything.

Remember to let God guide your homeschool. It is called homeschooling because is revolves around YOUR home, YOUR beliefs, YOUR family--not the world or their expectations. It is OK to do your own thing--that is what homeschooling is all about!

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