Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Not much to say today, except I am tired. We get up at a semi-reasonable time (before 8:30) and go to bed late thanks to FOTR practice...and the days are filled with swimming, biking, sewing, cleaning, painting, bowling, skating, shopping, schoolwork, visits, church activity, and life in general. Maybe it is that I am getting older, or my thyroid is lower than i want to think...but I am tired. Tired is not the right word, really. It is sleepy. I feel I could just sleep every afternoon...but I can't. Not wired that way. Even when i am truly exhausted, i have a VERY hard time napping in afternoons, or in vehicles, or anywhere, if it is light and noisy.
But, I suppose that is what life is like these days. And it is all a blessing to be savored, so off I go to snack on some more pasta, get the kids cleaning, bake some cookies, and teach those little buggers!
Hope you have a great week and get plenty of rest.

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