Monday, February 15, 2010

selling the sewing

reversible aprons for $27 each

diaper bags for $40
selling at a local mini mall and to individuals--hoping to have business, but not too much--family comes first

The Big One!

This past week Texas got the biggest snowfall in recorded history--over a foot of snow! That is unheard of here. usually our daytime highs are around 55 degrees. The kids had a blast. They may never see snow like this again. It was beautiful and messy and frigid! Makes me very glad we do not live farther north. I am a warm weather girl, for sure (not that I like the days over 100 degrees). But it beats freezing anyday!

Evey time they cam in, this is what happened!

The front/side yard.

Our street

one of the snowmen

Jacob's extra large snowball

snow angels

A couple of wandering Jedi....

snack time


Emily and Jordan had a combined birthday party on the 6th. They had a ton of fun, and designed their cakes. Jordan's friend Gage got to come.
Emily's friend's Hope and Katy got to come. She has one cousin and two sisters in the pciture also.

We sang to them.

And here they are, adorable!!

And there are Jordan and Lizzie! So cute!

Emily's cake

And Jordan's cake

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life at Our House

Jordan decided to take photos of his mom and dad. Not bad for a kid about to turn 6!
How handsome is he!!??? Still looking good after 19 years of marriage! A truly good man!

This is Kimberly in a gown that was handed down to her. She just loves it (and she is awfully cute!)

Here she is playing Jordan's leapster--she is really concentrating. Just recently she learned to use a mouse and she has been learning like crazy!!

This is a science experiment on camouflage and why it works. It involved m&m's so it was tasty, too!

The kids got skating passes for Christmas (I highly recommend them) and we went a few weeks ago. it was too fun! This is Jordan and Elizabeth.

We also had Emily's friend, hope over to go to the movies. Afterward the kids built a gingerbread house. It was really tasty for a kit! They had fun!
In other news, my friend Valerie is selling some of my creations at a fair this weekend and she got me into a crafter mall! That wil be so much better than etsy! At least I hope. I have mixed much as I like to sew, my time is imited so I may not be able to keep up if selling goes well. I want it to go well, but not go beyond hobby level as far as taxes are concerned. This is not my season for a bigger business. Too much going on with running the co-op and homeschooling and just raising a family! And then we also do a lot with church activity. So the sewing is my lowest priority, but at least it is there if I need some extra cash. It is exciting, and scary. I want to do well, but not too well--at least not yet. Sounds like I am nuts!

Time to chow!! Speaking of which, I have some lemon squares about to come out of the oven, so---later gators!