Friday, February 5, 2010

Life at Our House

Jordan decided to take photos of his mom and dad. Not bad for a kid about to turn 6!
How handsome is he!!??? Still looking good after 19 years of marriage! A truly good man!

This is Kimberly in a gown that was handed down to her. She just loves it (and she is awfully cute!)

Here she is playing Jordan's leapster--she is really concentrating. Just recently she learned to use a mouse and she has been learning like crazy!!

This is a science experiment on camouflage and why it works. It involved m&m's so it was tasty, too!

The kids got skating passes for Christmas (I highly recommend them) and we went a few weeks ago. it was too fun! This is Jordan and Elizabeth.

We also had Emily's friend, hope over to go to the movies. Afterward the kids built a gingerbread house. It was really tasty for a kit! They had fun!
In other news, my friend Valerie is selling some of my creations at a fair this weekend and she got me into a crafter mall! That wil be so much better than etsy! At least I hope. I have mixed much as I like to sew, my time is imited so I may not be able to keep up if selling goes well. I want it to go well, but not go beyond hobby level as far as taxes are concerned. This is not my season for a bigger business. Too much going on with running the co-op and homeschooling and just raising a family! And then we also do a lot with church activity. So the sewing is my lowest priority, but at least it is there if I need some extra cash. It is exciting, and scary. I want to do well, but not too well--at least not yet. Sounds like I am nuts!

Time to chow!! Speaking of which, I have some lemon squares about to come out of the oven, so---later gators!

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