Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kadee Farms Pumpkin Patch

Hello, Jacob! Enjoying the hayride? I thought so!
Jordan getting all in the hay like any self respecting boy!

Two lovely ladies in full fall color!
Emily exploring the area...

This is Elizabeth jumping in the hay! Whoopee!!

Here are the three amigos on the hayride! Lots of fun when the driver stops to hurl water balloons at a scarecrow! Ha ha!
And here is Kimberly jumping in the hay!! big fun!!

The old oak tree with about 5 tree swings and several around it. Now, that is fun with a tree!!!

Petting the bunnies...... There were also 2 ponies, a pregnant goat, and guinea pigs. I think the kids spent more time with the animals than anything else-excpet Jacob who talked to Hamilton almost non-stop, probably about Star Wars or something like that! they had a great time. I don't think all 80 showed up for the CHEFS field trip, but I bet we had over 50.

Halloween Carnival at Pecan Grove

The kids loved the big slode and bounce house.
And little bingo for prizes never hurts either!!!

Father and youngest daughter looking for some fun.....

Jacob and Austin cruising the area looking for monsters!

Kimberly, being a big girl on the big slide...Wheeeeeee!

And all the little kids dressed for fun-Kimberly in an owl shirt, a skeleton pirate, a princess, a girl pirate, and Anakin Skywalker. Pecan Grove is a small church of Christ near our house. they have a neat carnival each year with popcorn, games, outdoor fun, cake walk, photos, bingo, costume contest, pumpkin carving contest, cake decorating contest. We all had a blast and were very tired at the end of the night!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Morrow Family Reunion

Today was our reunion with Clay's mom's family and we went to Cooper Lake. it is so pretty there! The weather was perfect and the ducks were all over the place in swarms as they headed south for winter. Seems the group is smaller every year, but we all had a fun time.
This is Jacob and Max. The walked at the lake and I think had light saber duels.

Jordan enjoyed the treat of drinking soft drinks!

And they played catch in the grass.....

The view from the pavilion led to a rocky shore where we did lots of exploring. Clay even found a funnel shaped shell with a drilled hole. When we got home and looked it up on google, we found it was brought to the area by Pacific Coast indians and traded as money. It also was used as clothing decoration by Iroquois women.

State Fair of Texas

Jordan loves Egyptology!
Home packed lunch for hungry fairgoers.
The Borden dairy baby cow. Very adorable!

The big scary cowboy (that is what the kids called him)!

Notice the banner says "absolutely bushed"! How appropriate!

On Thursday we went to the State Fair. it was the first time the kids had ever been. Clay and I hadn't been since early in our marriage, probably 15 or more years ago! We had free tickets for everyone except Clay and Jordan, but when we arrived a nice lady gave us free tickets for them! What a great blessing! Then near the end of our day of looking at exhibits (no rides or food was purchased) another very sweet woman gave us 30 tickets which we used to buy 2 funnel cakes and some lemonade. Very tasty! The kids had also never eaten funnel cake, and they liked it! It was only 67 degrees for the high temp so we were a bit chilled, but really it was great for being outside all day.


The two oldest girls, Emily and Elizabeth, went to a party at the YMCA for their friend Hope. They had lots of fun swimming!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flu Vaccinations

Well, I am one of the folks who vaccinates her kids, but I refuse one now and then. I also rarely get anyone a flu shot. BUT, this year I did some research on the flumist nasal spray
vaccination and found it not only is painless, but is covered by insurances most of the time and has a better record of flu prevention than the injection. SO, the kids all got them today-flumist, that is! I needed a Staples easy button! Now I can go get one for me! (I hate needles!)
Why did I get them this year and not other years? Well, I don't think they are terribly effective, so that is why we generally skip them, but I also know there are some strains of flu with a pretty high mortality rate and they come around every so often without warning, and I figured since it has been a while since a deadly strain surfaced, it would be best to play it safe and get protected as best we can. Not to sound fanatical but I figure medical science is here for a reason and if there is a way I can help prevent my kids from serious illness, I should do it if I can. Besides, could I live with myself if something happened and I knew their pain was due to my negligence? No.

New Playlist Music

Hey I know some of you listen to my music so I added some more songs tonight. My "New Soul" and "Kiss Me" weren't loading so i changed it up a bit. You have to scroll thru them because there are more than just show up. Some of these songs really date me, but just think how much more it would've dated me if I'd found that old Boston song I was searching for!!! Ha ha!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another baby in the family!!!

Yea! We just got a call from Clay's younger brother, and he and his wife, Michele, are expecting a second baby in June! The kids here at our house are really excited. I am really happy for them! It will be fun for their son to have a sibling. We pray all goes well and that they are full of joy! Children are a true blessing from God and each one is a tiny miracle!
Lately our kids have been hoping for another baby, too. I have to admit the idea does sound kind of appealing to never know what the Lord has planned for you!

Sweet Girl!!!

Just had to share this!
Kimberly is a HUGE fan of Barney and this morning as the kids were watching PBS and Clay was sitting on the couch before work, Kimberly began to sing the Barney song, "I Love You, You Love Me.." As she sang, she went to each person and hugged them, and made the rounds twice. Everyone just loved her hugs and singing! It was the cutest thing ever!!! It sure was a wonderfully sweet way to start our day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Social Studies/Science Fair

Thursday night was our CHEFS social studeis/science fair. The kids took their schoolwork on Native Americans and Oceanography. It is what we have been studying since early September and we should complete the units by mid November. It has been really fun to make lapbooks for the first time, and we always love the books and hands on projects.
Kids won 2 awards for most detailed information (Native Americans) and most enthusiastic artwork (oceanography). They took a picture of the kids and Kimberly stood in front of all of them, and right as the photo was snapped she picked her nose! Then when the next family got their award she went back up and took a huge bow! We were just rolling our eyes and laughing!
Other families had really neat displays also. We especially were intrigued with the Hawley family! I want their girls' talent for handcrafts!

It's finished!!!

Well, Emily began learning to sew this summer and her first project was a dress. She has worked on it every week or so and this week she completed it. She was so proud of herself! Her dad and I were proud of her, too! I put in the zipper for her, but otherwise, she did all the work with my supervision and guidance. Looks great Emily!!!!
Now she says she wants to make spring dresses for Elizabeth and Kimberly so they can wear them to church! How exciting!!!!

Time for a change?

Once in a while I get to itching to move furniture. Tuesday was one of those days. I was sweeping under couches and wondering, what would the room look like if....?? So here is the result. We like it as it has made 2 separate areas in the living room.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fort Worth Zoo

It was a beautiful day and God's creatures were active and exciting. These pictures are in reverse order, but that's okay. We had lots of fun and I think the one thing we will always remember is when Jordan's flip flop came off and landed in the kangaroo pen! Several kangaroos smelled it and examined it until a zookeeper came to retrieve it for us.

Kimberly petting a big hairy pig!

It's fun to have sisters!

The mother lion had 5 babies and this bold one came out of hiding to nurse! It was so sweet!

Here are the kids with some friends that came, too. We parted ways soon after entering the park. It is easier that way.
I absolutely love going to the zoo! We try to go every year. This past Thursday was homeschool day at the Fort Worth Zoo and Clay went with us. It was Kimberly's first trip to the zoo where she could walk around. She loved the animals and kept saying, "I wanna touch it!" Hope you liked the photos!