Saturday, October 18, 2008

State Fair of Texas

Jordan loves Egyptology!
Home packed lunch for hungry fairgoers.
The Borden dairy baby cow. Very adorable!

The big scary cowboy (that is what the kids called him)!

Notice the banner says "absolutely bushed"! How appropriate!

On Thursday we went to the State Fair. it was the first time the kids had ever been. Clay and I hadn't been since early in our marriage, probably 15 or more years ago! We had free tickets for everyone except Clay and Jordan, but when we arrived a nice lady gave us free tickets for them! What a great blessing! Then near the end of our day of looking at exhibits (no rides or food was purchased) another very sweet woman gave us 30 tickets which we used to buy 2 funnel cakes and some lemonade. Very tasty! The kids had also never eaten funnel cake, and they liked it! It was only 67 degrees for the high temp so we were a bit chilled, but really it was great for being outside all day.

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