Friday, October 10, 2008

Social Studies/Science Fair

Thursday night was our CHEFS social studeis/science fair. The kids took their schoolwork on Native Americans and Oceanography. It is what we have been studying since early September and we should complete the units by mid November. It has been really fun to make lapbooks for the first time, and we always love the books and hands on projects.
Kids won 2 awards for most detailed information (Native Americans) and most enthusiastic artwork (oceanography). They took a picture of the kids and Kimberly stood in front of all of them, and right as the photo was snapped she picked her nose! Then when the next family got their award she went back up and took a huge bow! We were just rolling our eyes and laughing!
Other families had really neat displays also. We especially were intrigued with the Hawley family! I want their girls' talent for handcrafts!

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