Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fort Worth Zoo

It was a beautiful day and God's creatures were active and exciting. These pictures are in reverse order, but that's okay. We had lots of fun and I think the one thing we will always remember is when Jordan's flip flop came off and landed in the kangaroo pen! Several kangaroos smelled it and examined it until a zookeeper came to retrieve it for us.

Kimberly petting a big hairy pig!

It's fun to have sisters!

The mother lion had 5 babies and this bold one came out of hiding to nurse! It was so sweet!

Here are the kids with some friends that came, too. We parted ways soon after entering the park. It is easier that way.
I absolutely love going to the zoo! We try to go every year. This past Thursday was homeschool day at the Fort Worth Zoo and Clay went with us. It was Kimberly's first trip to the zoo where she could walk around. She loved the animals and kept saying, "I wanna touch it!" Hope you liked the photos!

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