Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flu Vaccinations

Well, I am one of the folks who vaccinates her kids, but I refuse one now and then. I also rarely get anyone a flu shot. BUT, this year I did some research on the flumist nasal spray
vaccination and found it not only is painless, but is covered by insurances most of the time and has a better record of flu prevention than the injection. SO, the kids all got them today-flumist, that is! I needed a Staples easy button! Now I can go get one for me! (I hate needles!)
Why did I get them this year and not other years? Well, I don't think they are terribly effective, so that is why we generally skip them, but I also know there are some strains of flu with a pretty high mortality rate and they come around every so often without warning, and I figured since it has been a while since a deadly strain surfaced, it would be best to play it safe and get protected as best we can. Not to sound fanatical but I figure medical science is here for a reason and if there is a way I can help prevent my kids from serious illness, I should do it if I can. Besides, could I live with myself if something happened and I knew their pain was due to my negligence? No.

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