Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kadee Farms Pumpkin Patch

Hello, Jacob! Enjoying the hayride? I thought so!
Jordan getting all in the hay like any self respecting boy!

Two lovely ladies in full fall color!
Emily exploring the area...

This is Elizabeth jumping in the hay! Whoopee!!

Here are the three amigos on the hayride! Lots of fun when the driver stops to hurl water balloons at a scarecrow! Ha ha!
And here is Kimberly jumping in the hay!! big fun!!

The old oak tree with about 5 tree swings and several around it. Now, that is fun with a tree!!!

Petting the bunnies...... There were also 2 ponies, a pregnant goat, and guinea pigs. I think the kids spent more time with the animals than anything else-excpet Jacob who talked to Hamilton almost non-stop, probably about Star Wars or something like that! they had a great time. I don't think all 80 showed up for the CHEFS field trip, but I bet we had over 50.

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