Saturday, October 18, 2008

Morrow Family Reunion

Today was our reunion with Clay's mom's family and we went to Cooper Lake. it is so pretty there! The weather was perfect and the ducks were all over the place in swarms as they headed south for winter. Seems the group is smaller every year, but we all had a fun time.
This is Jacob and Max. The walked at the lake and I think had light saber duels.

Jordan enjoyed the treat of drinking soft drinks!

And they played catch in the grass.....

The view from the pavilion led to a rocky shore where we did lots of exploring. Clay even found a funnel shaped shell with a drilled hole. When we got home and looked it up on google, we found it was brought to the area by Pacific Coast indians and traded as money. It also was used as clothing decoration by Iroquois women.

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