Monday, March 30, 2009

Is March almost over???

What a great weekend, but so tiring! We had Saturday Annie practice with costumes and makeup and sets. It was so awesome! I love spending time with people from homeschooling group. They are like family extension. Then we did some shopping,and vegged on disney movies. Sunday was spent with our other family extension-church congregation. Wonderful time visiting and even had an evening potluck with frinds who cameinto town. Tat was really great. So was seeing the youth group boys run the evening service. They are going to be wonderful men of God! After lunch we visited family,and the kids hunted for crawdads in the creek with dad and grandma. W even caught one to bring home! All very fun, indeed. (We released the crawdad in the creek near our house)
Today was slow to start and we all had some crabbiness due to being tired, but we got our work done and chores completed. Now we are resting and gearing up for a library trip before supper. I made calls to Texas reps to oppse HB 188 and the big kids learned about sound. Lizzie practiced reading and math skills and Jordan did a lot of preschool work. kimberly is recovering from ear infections and almost feeling normal. She was in the yard a lot today, but napping now. Lizzie has iced her left foot due to a slight sprain at church last night. It's not too swollen today, feels better.
I just can't believe it is about to be April!!! So much going on! Tis will be a crazy month, but all worth the effort in the end.
Hope your day is filled with prayer and blessings!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Going On...

Jacob and Emily sharing the DS.
Jordan working on preschool stuff...

Hamantashen from Purim. Very tasty!

Jordan and Kimberly playing in the yard...

A model of chromosomes in a cell--science, ya know!

Picnic lunch on a sunny day!

Well, I have been weaning myself off FoxNews for a bit. It is just all too emotional for me. I feel like I am watching the Constitution being burned by a bunch of radical socialists every time I hear what our new anti-President is up to with his congressional minion evildoers. Prayer, prayer and more prayer followed by many phone calls is all I can do. But the stress of possibilities is horrible!!! Where in the world can we go live if this country goes socialistic like Europe!!! This government wants to run banks, send everyone to their godless, humanistic indoctrination camps called public school, and run our health care system, take away gun protection, and infringe on our rights as parents and our religious rights! I hate to even entertain the thought of where we might be headed! But God has a just may not be the one I hoped for.

But on with more pleasant things. Here are some pictures (above) of life the past few weeks. We have been super busy with Annie rehearsals and working on LTC at home. Sunshine and outdoor play are great stress relievers, too! Oh, and per the last post--I am loving the skirts and getting back to my real self. I guess I got overly caught up in "self" the past few years and wanted to feel more modern and stylish ( not that there is anything wrong with wanting to look and feel stylish), but I partially lost sight of what is most important--pleasing God in my appearance and in all I do. So I should probably say I'm sorry for the first paragraph, but I think God might share my feelings so I won't apologize.
Well, that was far mor random than I intended, but I have extremely strong feelings about the future of this family and this country. I know about half or a bit more of the country agrees, while the other half sides with the new administration. But only in America can we speak our feelings without persecution--so far.

Please pray for our leaders to turn their ideology to what would be pleasing to God, and for them to stand up for freedoms rather than trying to squash them, and not try to control citizens through government. Pray for America to remain a free country.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Annie and other things

Well, I was really hoping to post a video from last Saturday's Annie rehearsal. It was sooooo gooood! Maybe I will get some more video this weekend and be able to post it. The homeschool group I belong to has about 96 families, give or take, with collectively over 300 children. About 36 of those families participate in our co-op and about 40 of those co-op kids, all homeschooled, are putting on a production of the musical, Annie, this spring. The show is going to be fabulous! Tickets will be $5.50 each and can be purchased shortly at They will also be available at the entrance on show nights. In fact, the video I tried to post is on the CHEFS website under the topic "Annie". The video and sound aren't quite coordinated, though. Still, you hear the kids singing and see them practicing the NYC number.
On a completely unrelated topic, I have been (as always) trying to make sure I am pleasing to God in all things. So for some reason modesty has been on my mind. I do not condemn pants, except really tight, and short ones, or skirts, unless they are above knee. We do not wear traditional swimwear with high leg cuts, and do not wear sheer stuff, extreme low cut tops, strappy tops, short shorts, short skirts. But for me, I have decided that I need to be more modest than I have been. So, I packed up the jeans that were totally fitted, and some of the pants, got rid of all the skirts that were immodest as I sat (above or at knee)and made sure I had higher neck tank tops to go under all questionable tops. Now I am on the search for long skirts. I used to have many, but over time they got ruined or given away. My feeling is that I need to not show my figure to draw attention to it, (not that it is anything much to see), but that it would be non-attention grabbing and covered. I especailly feel the need to do this as my girls get older, and my boys. They need to know what is acceptable and covered so as not to lead themselves or others into temptation. If I want them to behave in all purity as they should, they can't be immodestly dressed. And I have to set the example. Not that we can't be stylish and colorful and pretty, I just don't want us to be dressed so males say, "ooh, she's hot!", but that the godliness shows more than the figure. Still working on this transformation.