Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Going On...

Jacob and Emily sharing the DS.
Jordan working on preschool stuff...

Hamantashen from Purim. Very tasty!

Jordan and Kimberly playing in the yard...

A model of chromosomes in a cell--science, ya know!

Picnic lunch on a sunny day!

Well, I have been weaning myself off FoxNews for a bit. It is just all too emotional for me. I feel like I am watching the Constitution being burned by a bunch of radical socialists every time I hear what our new anti-President is up to with his congressional minion evildoers. Prayer, prayer and more prayer followed by many phone calls is all I can do. But the stress of possibilities is horrible!!! Where in the world can we go live if this country goes socialistic like Europe!!! This government wants to run banks, send everyone to their godless, humanistic indoctrination camps called public school, and run our health care system, take away gun protection, and infringe on our rights as parents and our religious rights! I hate to even entertain the thought of where we might be headed! But God has a just may not be the one I hoped for.

But on with more pleasant things. Here are some pictures (above) of life the past few weeks. We have been super busy with Annie rehearsals and working on LTC at home. Sunshine and outdoor play are great stress relievers, too! Oh, and per the last post--I am loving the skirts and getting back to my real self. I guess I got overly caught up in "self" the past few years and wanted to feel more modern and stylish ( not that there is anything wrong with wanting to look and feel stylish), but I partially lost sight of what is most important--pleasing God in my appearance and in all I do. So I should probably say I'm sorry for the first paragraph, but I think God might share my feelings so I won't apologize.
Well, that was far mor random than I intended, but I have extremely strong feelings about the future of this family and this country. I know about half or a bit more of the country agrees, while the other half sides with the new administration. But only in America can we speak our feelings without persecution--so far.

Please pray for our leaders to turn their ideology to what would be pleasing to God, and for them to stand up for freedoms rather than trying to squash them, and not try to control citizens through government. Pray for America to remain a free country.

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