Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Annie and other things

Well, I was really hoping to post a video from last Saturday's Annie rehearsal. It was sooooo gooood! Maybe I will get some more video this weekend and be able to post it. The homeschool group I belong to has about 96 families, give or take, with collectively over 300 children. About 36 of those families participate in our co-op and about 40 of those co-op kids, all homeschooled, are putting on a production of the musical, Annie, this spring. The show is going to be fabulous! Tickets will be $5.50 each and can be purchased shortly at They will also be available at the entrance on show nights. In fact, the video I tried to post is on the CHEFS website under the topic "Annie". The video and sound aren't quite coordinated, though. Still, you hear the kids singing and see them practicing the NYC number.
On a completely unrelated topic, I have been (as always) trying to make sure I am pleasing to God in all things. So for some reason modesty has been on my mind. I do not condemn pants, except really tight, and short ones, or skirts, unless they are above knee. We do not wear traditional swimwear with high leg cuts, and do not wear sheer stuff, extreme low cut tops, strappy tops, short shorts, short skirts. But for me, I have decided that I need to be more modest than I have been. So, I packed up the jeans that were totally fitted, and some of the pants, got rid of all the skirts that were immodest as I sat (above or at knee)and made sure I had higher neck tank tops to go under all questionable tops. Now I am on the search for long skirts. I used to have many, but over time they got ruined or given away. My feeling is that I need to not show my figure to draw attention to it, (not that it is anything much to see), but that it would be non-attention grabbing and covered. I especailly feel the need to do this as my girls get older, and my boys. They need to know what is acceptable and covered so as not to lead themselves or others into temptation. If I want them to behave in all purity as they should, they can't be immodestly dressed. And I have to set the example. Not that we can't be stylish and colorful and pretty, I just don't want us to be dressed so males say, "ooh, she's hot!", but that the godliness shows more than the figure. Still working on this transformation.

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