Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jordan turns 5!!

We are taking a short trip down memory lane with our adorable Jordan bug!
Typical Jordan face!

Loving to spend time with big brother!

Enjoying a good book.

And asleep with a sucker!!! Too cute!

On the day of his party, he hid behind dad's leg while we sang to him.

Then the little sister joined him for some mishcief.

And presents were opened.
I can't believe Jordan is 5!! He was my baby boy, and now he is almost ready for some schoolwork! He is so smart and very handsome. A real treat, he is. He can also be a class A stinker when he has a mind to! He has had my heart racing more than any of the other kids, I think. He hides, escapes, plots, sneaks, grins and is generally mischievous! But he is as sweet as a big puff of cotton candy and as cuddly as a favorite teddy bear.
He picked out lots of guns for his birthday. He loves guns: star wars guns, water guns, toy old west guns, pirate guns, nerf guns and others. He also got a new sleeping bag, which he loves, and a star wars costume and star wars t-shirts. He is not one to like being the center of attention so he was very quiet, but he had fun. Don't grow up too quickly little boy. You are precious!

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