Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Politics Politics

Well, I never thought I would be the political activist, but I think that is what the Lord is turning me into. I have written more emails to senators and reps, both state and national, in the past month than I ever have written to anyone. I guess there are too many things that need citizen outcry. Just watch Fox News and see for yourself. Or even better, visit or, and see. I am going out to collect signatures and money for parental rights soon, and have written asking them to revise the consumer product bill, which reeks, to vote down the stimulus package which won't stimulate anything but anger among citizens, to vote for the parental rights amendment and vote against the UNCRC, to vote no on the FOCA (please! we can choose to kill our unborn, but not how to raise our own!! stupidity at its best!), and to vote against HB 188 in Texas. I am probably getting on their nerves, but if people want change, you have to pester the snot out of the elected--in a polite, but point blank, manner of course. After all, that is why we have people in congress--they are there to make voices heard, and if we don't tell them what we want, it will never be fought for. And folks, this is going to be an administration where we HAVE TO stand up and shout. The majority of the newly elected folks will make America a socialistic state at BEST, given the chance. All the freedoms that were fought for, and which people have died for, will be for nothing if Obama and his crew have their way.
Ok, that is my pet project for the next 4 years or so!! Hope you will feel empowered to take action on the things that are precious to you!

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