Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost February!!???

I honestly have no idea how time goes by so quickly!! In a couple of days February will be here. Kimberly has a nasty snot nose again and a cough, but what's new?! Jordan will turn 5 in a couple of weeks--now that blows me away! How can my baby boy be almost ready for kindergarten? Where did his preschool years go? He was going to be our last, but God was so good to us in sending Kimberly, so our baby days would not be over. Still, unless another one comes, they are just about over, now. February also means Valentines Day (not a big day at our house) and the start of Friday School ( a very big deal around here). And all that means a busy family! But as long as we are together I cannot complain. These days will be gone LONG before I am ready for it. So we will sit back, enjoy the ride, and count our many blessings!

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