Monday, January 19, 2009

It is Monday

We made it through another week. Yesterday we skipped church, at least part of us did, because Jordan had fever. I took the opportunity to declutter and throw out all kinds of stuff. I get into these moods sometimes and just must declutter. Anyway, I went through the attic stash of clothing and the kids outgrown stuff. Today I have a huge bag of clothes for the CHEFS clothing swap and 2 huge bags for Women in Need. Plus a bag full of toys! Shhh..don't tell the kids!
And I went through my academic things. Since we are going with KONOS, I will not need a bunch of the stuff I had so it is all ready for the CHEFS book sale-don't know and don't care if it is lead free. Still selling it! Since it is almost all relatively new, i figure it is perfectly safe. After cleaning that stuff out, Clay cut through the garage wall to install a dryer vent and we realized our old free shelves were in danger of crashing so now I have 3 new steel shleves from Lowe's ready to organize the items I kept! Love the feeling of having less and being organized!!! Love, love, love it!
Then I called an orthodontist for a consult on Emily. Boy is that going to pack a financial punch. She lost me at "arrange a monthly payment". If I could handle another monthly payment, the kids would still be taking gymnastics. But I suppose we can cut the home phone and cut the cable if necessary. I don't want her front teeth to break off! The Lord always provides for these messy life situations, and I know He will this time, too!
Well, I am being called for US bingo so I must go play, I mean, teach history!

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