Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More illness, and other things...

Well, I probably have some pics to post but I am on the wrong computer for that. Anyway, after Kimberly was on her augmentin about 5 days she had a relapse of the RSV and spiked a fever and couldn't breathe. She had to return to the doctor and got a shot of rocefin and was put back on twice a day breathing treatments.
On another subject, I have been rethinking a lot concerning our curriculum. Decided to go with KONOS unit studies and have been shopping ebay for deals. The rest will have to wait until income tax return arrives. Probably won't start it fully until fall.
Also Emily has begun rehearsals for Annie, Jr. Boy is that going to be grueling on the family life! I should have given it more thought before saying yes. I suppose we will see how it goes and evaluate whether we do this again next year.
Lastly the big two are in LTC so we have stuff going on for that, and competition will take up most of Easter weekend for us!
Still, life is good....

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