Saturday, January 10, 2009

News from Home

Started the year off with Kimberly getting a double ear infection and RSV. She was really sick for several days and when she wasn't being held, she laid at my feet and looked just like this. But now after a few days of breathing treatments and antibiotics she is looking much better. I just have to break her of the spoiled streak from being catered to during her illness! Ha ha!

Today she and sister Emily are wearing their bathrobes and enjoying the day. Doesn't she look much better! Don't know where Elizabeth was. She had her robe on too.

And this is Jacob, looking quite handsome....He is a budding artist and loves drawing things from Star Wars and Spiderwick. He also loves to make stop-motion videos and published to the web. He is working on one for LTC, too. Currently he and his best friend are developing ideas for comics/adventure shows. Below is some of his artwork.

Here are a few of Jacob's drawings from the Spiderwick field guide.

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