Monday, January 26, 2009

Emily's Birthday

Emily--our second child, first daughter. So sweet and smiley, loves girly things and her family. Very nurturing. I can't believe you are half grown!! Hope you had a great birthday! Love the swimming pool cake you chose! Turned out great!
In keeping with your creative side, you chose decorations and made your pinata and planned your own games. Everyone had such fun!

All your friends that came, singing to you!

And now it is time for that candy-filled pinata! That is always fun, especially when it is 38 degrees!!

And here is your gift. A new scooter! Since Jordan wanted one, too, and his birthday is in 2 weeks, he got one just like it. My good luck, they were on clearance at Walgreens for $9.99!!
Just want to say how much we love having you for a daughter and how much we love homeschooling you! It is so great to be building close family bonds with parents and siblings. It is a true joy! And we are proud of the spiritual, loving person you are becoming!

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