Saturday, February 14, 2009

King Tut

Tuesday we took Jordan to see the King Tut exhibit in Dallas. I hate going into downtown, and all that traffic. I am just not a big city person. The exhibit was really interesting and I think the kids liked it, but the staff was horrible. Our kids stayed right with us, weren't

loud, didn't push in from of people. However, Emily accidentally touched the 1 inch thick glass enclosing one of the displays and a guard immediately got all over her about not touching anything. Mind you, there were no signs saying do not touch the glass, and it was an accident. Then we went to a different part of the museum to a light display and the kids were in a light changing room. They were excited and all talking to one another about the cool colors and a guard came to tell us we had to be quiet, and that we were way too loud. Then we went to view paintings. There was a ledge under the paintings about 3 inches off the ground and about 2 feet deep. The little kids stepped on the ledge to see the pictures better and 2 guards came running over telling them to get off and stay off. Then they followed us through 3 more rooms and kept making comments about how they couldn't believe the kids had done that! Mind you, again, there were no signs. We decided we better leave. So we go outside to get a picture with the big statue in the photo above. You can see how far we are from the entrance, right? We are only about 20-30 feet from the street. When the kids sat on the edge of that rock ( for a picture) that the statue is on, I kid you not, a woman came RUNNING from the entrance yelling at them to stay off the statue! We were the only ones in the entire courtyard! I was never so irritated! They were all so rude to us and acted like they didn't want kids there. We asked the kids if they liked the exhibit. They said they did. We said, "Good, because this will be the last time we ever come to this museum."

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shawn and emma said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe they treated you like that...I would seriously consider sending them an email or calling a higher-up asap...that is crazy! Sorry they were so horrible. :(