Monday, March 30, 2009

Is March almost over???

What a great weekend, but so tiring! We had Saturday Annie practice with costumes and makeup and sets. It was so awesome! I love spending time with people from homeschooling group. They are like family extension. Then we did some shopping,and vegged on disney movies. Sunday was spent with our other family extension-church congregation. Wonderful time visiting and even had an evening potluck with frinds who cameinto town. Tat was really great. So was seeing the youth group boys run the evening service. They are going to be wonderful men of God! After lunch we visited family,and the kids hunted for crawdads in the creek with dad and grandma. W even caught one to bring home! All very fun, indeed. (We released the crawdad in the creek near our house)
Today was slow to start and we all had some crabbiness due to being tired, but we got our work done and chores completed. Now we are resting and gearing up for a library trip before supper. I made calls to Texas reps to oppse HB 188 and the big kids learned about sound. Lizzie practiced reading and math skills and Jordan did a lot of preschool work. kimberly is recovering from ear infections and almost feeling normal. She was in the yard a lot today, but napping now. Lizzie has iced her left foot due to a slight sprain at church last night. It's not too swollen today, feels better.
I just can't believe it is about to be April!!! So much going on! Tis will be a crazy month, but all worth the effort in the end.
Hope your day is filled with prayer and blessings!

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