Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our First LTC

The Hyatt Regency hotel where we stayed.
Our competitors--Emily and Jacob!

Wandering the hotel, taking in the sights...

Hanging out in the room.
On the second floor of the hotel....

Waiting for Bible Bowl to begin.

The view from our room.

Elizabeth by the elevator window on 6th floor.

Clay and the kids by the lobby waterfall.
This was our first time to attend LTC, Leadership Training for Christ. It is a competition for all North Texas churches of Christ. The event took 3 large Dallas hotels. Ours was the Hyatt Regency. Never have I been to such a fancy place, and man, was it crowded! Completely booked, was what we were told, mostly with LTC families. The kids in 3rd-12th grades competed in videos, art, drama, filming, essays, puppets, chorus, bible quiz and bible bowl, to name a few. They got to choose what to participate in. The theme this year was the book of John.
It was a bit hard to get to, and once we entered the hotel, we had no clue where our group was, but luckily after about 10 minutes we saw someone from JSCOC. We finally got everything figured out and headed to the room only to discover that Kimberly and Elizabeth are terrified of escalators and elevators--I mean screaming afraid. Made getting to a 6th floor room with a family of 7 loaded with luggage and food kind of tricky. But once we got settled and had Emily's sculpture entered, everything was much easier. The kids watched some teams do puppet shows and we ate in the room. Then from 6-10pm all JSCOC kids did Bible Bowl. After one round of Bible Bowl, Clay took the 3 youngest to the hospitality suite to get snacks and settle in and I stayed with Jacob and Emily at Bible Bowl. They had fun, and said they will do this every year. I think we had some younger kids who wanted to participate, too.
It was kinda crazy, but I was pleased with our kids and their behavior. They stayed with us and didn't wander. It was amazing how many young kids roamed freely without adult supervision.
Sunday night we will have a sandwich supper for LTC awards. I am curious how the Bible Bowl turned out, and Jacob's bible drama video of the resurrection of Lazarus, and Emily's sculpture of the empty tomb. We will be back next year!

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