Friday, April 24, 2009

This week....

Well, talk about random!!! This week has been anything but normal. Emily has had Annie practice almost nightly and either Clay or I have been with her, working on green room, sets, or something. Busy, but fun. That being said, we have dropped to just language arts and math for this week and half of next. So what did we do? Well, we created a Star Wars base from an old diaper box (Jacob did, anyway), Kimberly got into my jewelry box (and broke 2 necklaces), and the big kids made homemade taffy (pretty tasty). We went to the library, went to the park, watched movies, rode bikes, mowed the yard, and read books. But the show has been coming along very well, and promises to be fabulous! We are pretty tired after all these late nights, and once the shows are all performed, we have one day to clean and pack and leave for even sounds tiring! But once we get to the beach house and walk the shore, we will have a computer free week of beachcombing and relaxation! I dread seeing my inbox when we return! It should be monstrous! But I can deal with that when the day comes. Hope you have a blessed week!!!

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