Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, how are things at your house? Life has been full of neat things at our house. Last week the Nix family came over on Friday night to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with us. We all had so much fun! I hope Kyle gets some of the pictures to me soon. I will post them if they aren't too dark. Then on Saturday we all went to visit my parents for a while and then on to our youngest nephew's 2nd birthday party. That was all fun, and there were some out of this world oriental meat rolls there. Sadly, I ate a few too many and felt horrible all evening! Sunday was Friend Day at our congregation. We generally have about 35o on a Sunday morning but that day we had over 500. Then there was the barbecue at the Sports Park. Food was good, but I am not a fan of crowds, especially when I have my kids to keep up with, so that was not fun to me. Oh, and Friday my washing machine had broken, so on Monday I waited all day to get it fixed. The repairman, Chris, was so nice and got it running by 6:40! So being 4 days behind in laundry I just caught up at 4pm today (Tuesday), just in time for laundry tomorrow, so we will be back on schedule--ha ha! Tonight we all went to buy monthly groceries--woo hoo--and now I am sitting here wondering what in the world I am supposed to be teaching tomorrow night in bible class. Oops, I guess I forgot to look. Probably something on Joseph I am guessing. Thursday I have a haircut appointment and a guy coming sometime before 6pm (maybe) to inspect the furnace. It runs on natural gas and I never turn it on without an inspection. I hear we might need it by Thursday night. Well, that is just a short update.
Now, just an extra item-pray for our new president (who likely will be announced in the next few hours)to have wisdom and the best interest of our country at heart. In Power for Today, the reading was on being astonished at where God might lead you. We all want to know the path, but only He knows it, and we just have to go along for the ride and trust in the Lord, and pray to Him as we daily live for Him and teach our children to do the same. Besides, for Christians, this world is not our home. Our home and family are in heaven where we desire to be when our life here is ended.
Have a wonderful week!

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