Friday, August 5, 2011

August is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

So, this summer has been a time of change at our house. Big bro is growing up and therefore not playing nearly as much. But now and then he gets in the floor to play with the younger kids and it is so sweet. He swims and rides bikes and plays lego and plays in the yard and films with them. The dynamic is changing but it is still all good. He has also been gone almost every evening for FOTR theater rehearsals but often we all tag along.
One night he went to a Ranger game with his dad and the two youngest, so us older girls had a tea party and ate at Braum's and went shopping. Em is such a party planner! We had so much fun...but so did they!
Then, wonder of baby turned five! I miss little ones, but at 41 i have to say, pushing a stroller and changing diapers and potty training and all that just doesn't appeal the way it used to. Still, i miss little ones, and mourn their childhood ending. This year all five will be homeschooling. It is good, and yet bittersweet. Life is fleeting and I try to savor every minute. Her party was HOT but fun.
She asked for a butterfly party and she got it. Yummy! She was so cute and had such a good time! She also got signed up for her favorite activity--ballet! She is so ready to start. They all are...well, except Jordan. He is in scouts and wants to try baseball in spring. He is a darling, too.
Here are the older girls bike riding. The night we shopped we bought Emily an adult sized bike. She loves it. And yes, she is that big now! We ride bikes a lot here.
And I wish i could post photos of Fiddler, but that is against copyright so I can just post this shot of Jacob in his Anatevka costume for the show. Opening night was last night and the cast and musicians blew people away. It was a wonderful show! So proud of them all! Now I think we will have more kids acting next year (from this house). IF the show is appropriate in our minds. We didn't really know much at all about FOTR when we started this show, and there are a few reservations, still, but it is a fun show to be part of. He is having a blast!

Now if we can just survive this heat. it has been well over 102 for days and days. Last night we almost had rolling blackouts due to energy demand. And we are in severe drought. But in perspective, we also had one of our coldest winters on record, so I suppose it all evens out. Still, you can always put on more stuff for warmth, but there is little you can do to cool down in 112 degree heat.

Stay cool and thank God in all things!

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