Saturday, August 27, 2011

week two--success!

School has been in session for two weeks and it is going exceedingly well. I always worry that it will be a nightmare, but you know, as the kids get older (sad as that is to me) life gets a bit easier to manage and they grow and change into more responsible, interesing people and life is fun.
This year we have a ton of activity, but none too early, so school gets a great amount of dedication, and the older ones are motivated to complete work well so they can enjoy the extracurriculars. I love that! The younger are frequently playing together and learning together and that is so fun to watch. The learning diability is becoming easier to work with as the kid becomes more emotionally stable and more learned in subjects.
We have enjoyed learning about Julius and Augustus Caesar and the birth of Christ, and the reading has been interesting. Writing is coming along nicely. Math has been much more joyous this year for everyone.
The most fun has been co-op registration and dance classes. We are gearing up for another Nutcracker Revisited production, and have added jazz, theater and irish to our stuff. We also are going to add piano. One can teach the others. AND art has been put on hold while the kids have pursued their own artistic interests of movie making, stop motion, crochet, painting, and scrapbooking. I figure that is also art and should be pursued with vigor while the interest is alive. Dance is art, too ya know..
So other than a nasty sinus infection I contracted this week, all has gone well.
Next week should be interesting though, as we are havng a large flooring install in the middle of the week. Can't complain. Life is blessed and the Lord always meets our needs and uses us to work His will. God is good.

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