Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer is Ending....

Well, we survived Fiddler on the Roof, with rave reviews and over 1400 in attendance! It was FABULOUS! and we look forward to what next summer holds....But for now we relax a bit. This week there will be no schooling. Just swimming, playing, chore training (yep, gotta do that), finish painting the bathroom, and with a little luck, the 14 year old carpet in the bedroom will get replaced. And for that we will take a day off.
Next week we begin dance lessons back at Timbrel, start full-on homeschooling, and in two weeks we plan for co-op classes. It is still terribly hot, but on the bright side, we are only at 104 today...the lowest temp so far in August! Sounds crazy, no? YES! It is, and from the looks of things we are going to break the 1980 record for consecutive days over 100 degrees. I recall t-shirts saying "I survived the Texas heat wave".
Oh well. It has been a great summer blessed with tons of fun and a bit of learning and growing. Life is good. Life is blessed. God is great. Talk to you soon!

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