Sunday, September 18, 2011

September is Halfway Over?

Fiddler on the Roof performers singing "Tradition" at Rally Round Greenville on Saturday.
Friday night camping in the living room.
K at the dentist...checking out the fish. Her only photo because we had to record her getting a cleaning--for evidence. It was her first cleaning.
Jc awaiting his cleaning.
Em getting all polished.
Jd about to get cleaned up.
And L getting a cleaning.
And lastly, a photo of morning devo in my room---actually this was taken pre-devo, during our morning announcements.

Another week of learning has come and gone. Only three days of class took place this week. We did a lot of learning Monday through Wednesday, and then Thursday came. It began with a trip to the dentist for the kids, followed by lunch at Cotton Patch Cafe (do not order the buffalo chicken strips--GROSS!), followed by a trip to JCpenney to get a pair of shoes (yes, i gave in), and then to JoAnn Fabric's grand opening for Nutcracker and Halloween fabric and a gift for my niece's birthday. Then a quick stop for a scoop of ice cream before heading home.
Friday came and brought our first day of co-op, which was crazy, but fun. We have a few kinks to work out next Friday, but it went well. I think everyone had a good time.
Saturday, just as i was about to walk the dogs (in my gown and track pants, with coffee in hand), my MIL calls to see if they can stop by. It was 8:45am, mind you, and not everyone was up, and of course there was the living room campout still in full swing. But I said, "Sure come on time like the present!" So we began with a visit, then went to practice Fiddler songs, then went to perform Fiddler songs, then headed to cousins for birthday cookout with horseback rides, and got home around 8:45pm. So today is Sunday and the littlest one started the day with a high fever and the oldest girl has a stomach's praying both are short lived. But at least I got a poodle skirt sewed for her (Kim). And I looked over the prairie dress pattern and washed the fabric, so those will be the next project. My grey gauchos from the $1.50/yd suiting fabric I found will have to wait.
As the weather changes I am reminded that my oldest two get no handed down clothes and we will have to shop soon. But my oldest girl can wear some of my things, so that helps.
Here's wishing you a great week full of blessings!

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